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  1. Kyer

    Flashy Links:
    1. I want an Xtreme Flash ride! 🙂 Bart (minus the tri-colored mask and extra arm bands) and a Wally with Linda.
    2. Barry Allen of LIttle League is by far the bestest-EST Barry in the history of comics both DC and parody. Don’t care if this is opinion…cause it’s also 100.999% fact. 😛
    3. (Lip wobble) I actually really wanted to read that team up book…before I saw that it was a fake cover. Well, shucks.

  2. Kyer

    More Comics:
    1. The latest Insufferable (due to one scene) had me choking on my tortilla for a moment. That’s something I want in a story…to get so surprised that you choke and splutter WTF just happened?! (But in a good way.)
    2. Quote “I feel like I am getting bored with The Flash, which, like, is my book….” I too would love to deny this, but it’s true: have not been keeping up with even the reviews of late let alone hunting for scans. Probably more to do with not being a Rogues fan, but I do wish Barry would get as interesting as Little League’s. Not by more tragedy….maybe a hobby? Like he goes to ComicCon or something and trouble strikes. I dunno. Captain Cold’s arm goes on the fritz and Weather Wizard tries to jump start it. Grog gains weight from too many banana splits and joins Weight Watchers, but keeps eying the other attendees. Flash runs too fast, trips, and has to be retrieved from the stratosphere by Krypto. Blatant fun. In the meantime…
    3. Yeah, I’m seeing Previews of independent comics and also those webcomics that I’m more eager to read about then even a Flash preview. I remember when I started getting sets of Wally trades, I read those suckers in one sitting even though it meant reading through the night and into the wee hours…could NOT break away from them. Now I see advertised Flash previews and I think…yeah, maybe later today…and never get to most of them. (Yet I see Barry in Little League and immediately perk up with a grin on my face before I even read what is going on. I find a good Wally or Jay fanart and smile, clicking on links to see if the artists did more. ‘…’
    Something is wrong with this picture (and I don’t mean the fanart.)

    Case in point: I’ve just checked out every link above EXCEPT for those dealing with Flash #10. Still feel no rush to do so. It’s not the art…the art has not ceased to be fantastic.
    Coming from someone who can be so fandom loyal it’s ridiculous? So very, very wrong. 🙁

  3. Kyer

    Two observations while checking stuff on the Net:
    1. My love/hate for Tumblr continues. While seeing obscure photos of DC comics is great…not knowing where the scans came from (issue name and #) so I can find out more about the context is frustrating as heck.

    2. Saw the latest of Little League with lil PG in a eating establishment. Other kid sitting on stool….brown hair with some white in his hair either by mistake or….I dunno. Anyway, my first reaction was to mentally shout with glee “JAY!”
    Probably isn’t supposed to be him, but I instinctively reacted with far, far, more joy at the thought of something new with old Jay (even as a widdle kid with greying hair) then I do at seeing new, new Jay with modern clothes and all dark hair follicles.

    Thank god for Little League. (Now if lil Barry would only get a lil nephew. I can actually picture Wally like an early Linus of Peanuts fame, toting around a red security blanket.)

    1. Kyer

      7/12 Little League. I’ve never considered myself a big fan of Power Girl (probably because she used to diss Wally back in their JLI days…not that Wally didn’t deserve some of that..anyway…)
      I can’t wait for the next PG shot in Little League considering her last act in the July 12th strip! I mean, I’m *laughing* because giving her age in this, the guy fans of her are going to be so disappointed. 😀

  4. Kyer

    Well, dang. I really was missing stuff this year. Did Kelson report on this last February?
    Justice League Tots from Sonic (fast food place)
    A shame to admit, but I don’t care for the Flash one. However, the Clark, Bizarro, Supes, and Plaz are cute as a Funko eye button. *sigh* *hugs Funko Flash plushie to make up for the insult that any Flash plushie might not be cute by default*


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