Speed Reading: Reviews

More linkblogging! This time, it’s all reviews.

Flash #9 (Yeah, I know #10 just came out. I’m a bit behind on this.)

Earth 2 #2


3 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Reviews

  1. Kyer

    I find myself wanting that younger cloth-uniform version of Jay more than I do the Signature Collection.
    The little comic panels utilizing action figures was PDC, but Captain Cold dissing Jay…and with Batman *right* there too? Brazen. 😛

    Flash 9…I’m not even interested in. Grodd never thrilled me (I’m like YJ Superboy in that apes/monkeys annoy me at best) and from what I’ve heard this is the most violent new Flash book to date. Yeah….skipping.

    Flash 2 I was ready to overlook my different upset stomach reaction to Jay’s new uniform and keep looking for more scans of the books, but then they went and did *that* regarding Jay’s significant other.
    Okay, it was kind of expected given this new DC, but **c’mon!** I’m sick of personal tragedy as a motivation. What was wrong with plain old altruism? No, not good enough, by golly, someone’s gotta die! Die, sucker!
    It’s gotten so you can’t afford to get emotionally interested in characters anymore which was something people were complaining about in those last years of the old DCU. So they threw the baby (good characters) out with the bath water (rotten continuity plots like the death/maiming of said characters) and then went out and brought back the dirty bath water….without the baby. Well, that’s what it feels like to me.

  2. Kyer

    July 4th, 2012; San Diego, where this year’s fireworks show computer was apparently programmed by a speedster…


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