Flash Archives/Omnibus Deals at Amazon

If you live in California, Amazon.com will start collecting state sales tax on September 15. This has led to an online buying spree as Californians try to get in last-minute tax-free* shopping.

Now might be a good time to look at some of those big expensive Flash collections. Even if you live in a state where Amazon already collects sales tax, or one where they aren’t going to start, there are hefty 30-40% discounts on the Flash Archives and Flash Omnibus books. This week’s Flash Omnibus by Geoff Johns Vol. 3, for instance, is running around $45 down from a $75 list price.

Plus, if you order through one of these affiliate links, I get a small percentage, which helps offset the cost of hosting this website a little. Which would be a nice win-win scenario.

*Technically, you’re supposed to pay a “use tax” on out-of-state purchases, but it hasn’t been strictly enforced.


3 thoughts on “Flash Archives/Omnibus Deals at Amazon

  1. Kyer

    That depends on where you live. In my state (due to financial shortages) they are starting to go after use taxes….which is why I now only buy online from non-brick&mortar stores when I absolutely must just in case I forget one and end up paying a hefty fine years later. I can see the state’s point though…this interstate buying has hurt local businesses, some to the point of bankruptcy. Then there are city/county services….

    Would rather pay the stated tax and be free of future worry over it.

    Anyway, Thrillbent seems to be down. I tried to view #18 yesterday, got nothing but links that didn’t work and now the site comes up as “suspended”. I hope this is just a tech issue!

  2. James

    I just got my copy in the mail.

    It DOES contain The Flash 1/2, so I’m very happy. I wish DC had divided the collection into two and have mixed feelings about the glued spine, but I knew that going in and considered it a necessary trade-off for having Johns’ first run collected in HC.


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