Flash/Impulse This Week: Supergirl Guest Spot, Smallville, Flashbacks to Riddler & Flash #101

Supergirl #16

The Flash guest-stars in Supergirl #16, part of the “H’el on Earth” crossover in the Superman titles.

  • The assault on the Fortress of Solitude rages on!
  • Supergirl finds herself having to defend H’El from Superman, Superboy and the Justice League!

Written by: Mike Johnson
Art by: Mahmud Asrar
Cover by: Mahmud Asrar

PopMatters has a preview of the issue.

Also this week: the next digital-first chapter of “Haunted” in Smallville Season 11, guest-starring Impulse. Bart has come to Clark for help with the monster than pursues him whenever he reaches top speed. Together, can Superman and Impulse handle the Black Flash?

Digital back issues at ComiXology continue with…

Flash #101

Flash #101: Wally West has returned from his apparent death (see “Terminal Velocity”) and helps Keystone City rebuild from Kobra’s attack — but what does his time in the speed force mean for his powers — and more importantly, his relationships with Linda Park and with the rest of the Flash Family?

impulse #48: Riddle Me This

Impulse #48. The Riddler is used to playing mind games with Batman. But Impulse doesn’t play by the same rules. (This is probably one of the best issues from William Messner-Loebs’ run on the book.)


10 thoughts on “Flash/Impulse This Week: Supergirl Guest Spot, Smallville, Flashbacks to Riddler & Flash #101

  1. Kyer

    0.0 That LOOKS like its probably the best issue of Impulse period…just going by the cover….and I’m really not even a Batman fan beyond the animated ones. I wants.
    Supergirl poster looks pretty. (Once again I am struck by the wish that some artist group would redo all the past Flash covers with modern ‘vibrant’ computer coloring. Not a diss of the past artists, mind…more a praise of digital art.)

  2. Scott Timms

    Looks like Flash is racing supergirl. Bad enough the superman super speed comparison! Flash faster than anyone period! Might not even be a race just looks like it.

  3. Collected Editions

    Flash has a lot of guest-starring roles of late or coming up — Supergirl, Justice League Dark, Dial H (I think). Do you get the sense that Flash is reaching positive critical mass — that the Manapul/Buccellato title is doing well enough that Flash becomes a go-to guest-star to help other titles sell copies?

  4. The Baconator

    Ugghhh i’m still not a fan of those seams on Flash. And they just don’t look that good to me on this cover.

    1. Kyer

      The seams….although the ‘ribbon’ effect with the antennae and other gold accents are far worse, imho.
      It does look like a race, but I get more the vibe that he was running and she swooped down a bit from above. Flash should be faster, but he’s in an alien environment (is it so to Kara too?) and she’s a lot stronger.
      Not my favorite cover by any means, but I’ve seen worse.
      Right now am wondering what happened to Barry in Justice League’s latest as he wasn’t in a scan preview I saw. Also, I’m a bit confused because there (based on another preview) he’s fighting against one enemy while in another he’s fighting with the trinity against Hel, and in the other he’s dealing with gorillas?
      Fastest Man Alive, indeed.

      1. Savitar

        Barry (apparently) is not a major player in the current Throne of Atlantis story in JL (nor is Hal, I think).

        The Supergirl cover is cool, some previews I’ve seen of the issue has Kara demonstrating why wings on his cowl may be a costume weakness as well as Kara being stunned that Barry is faster than her and, by her estimate, faster than her cousin. 🙂

        1. Kyer

          Oh god…(laughs) the cowl weakness! Is it like the one Dinah demonstrated to Barry in a certain trade JL origins book? Where Barry questions Dinah’s wearing high-heel boots? That panel was one of my favorite moments with Barry because the *look* on his face.

          1. Kyer

            Eh…found the scene you were talking about. Good action sequence (not humorous). Not particularly a fan of Kara, but she’s being treated as rather…um…dim…in this Hel story. I hope she gets some kick ass moments when she finally wises up.

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