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Happy new year! To celebrate 2013, we’re going to do something we haven’t done in a while at Speed Force: Turn the reigns over to you! That’s right, we’re looking for guest writers to shake things up a bit.

Here’s the kind of post that we’re looking for:

  • Something about the Flash, another speedster, or a related character. (Max Mercury, Impulse and Jesse Quick are fair game. The Flash supporting casts are fair game. The Rogues are fair game. Quicksilver, Cheetara, Sonic the Hedgehog, speedsters from Heroes, even Stan Lee’s Lightspeed if you can stand watching it.)
  • A mix of topics would be great. Review a trade paperback or a single issue, submit photos of your fan costume, write up how to make your costume, talk about your favorite writer or artist, show off a convention sketch or commission, tell the story behind your favorite item of Flash memorabilia, explain what you like about your favorite speedster or Rogue, write up your favorite Flash story, etc. You can write about the New 52, or about any period in the Flash’s 72-year history. Heck, you could write about Hermes and speedsters of mythology.
  • Don’t be nasty. You can be negative if you want, but please don’t start griping about “Boring Allen” or crowing about how Wally is a pale imitation of the “real Flash.” Similarly, no personal insults toward writers, artists or fans.

If you’re interested in writing a guest post for Speed Force, please email me at speedforce – at – pobox – dot – com or let me know through the contact form. Include the topic(s) you’d like to write about (but feel free to change your mind later if you think of something better).

Depending on how many responses we get, we’ll probably run two or three each week starting the second half of January or beginning of February.

So, who’s interested?


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