Odd Cameo in JLA: Vibe #1: Krakkl

Krakkl of Kwyzz

Did you read Justice League of America’s Vibe #1 yesterday? There’s a collection of cameos near the end, one of which is a character who hasn’t been seen since the yearlong Grant Morrison/Mark Millar run on The Flash back in 1998.

Flash: The Human RaceIn The Human Race, we meet Krakkl of Kwyzz, Wally West’s childhood imaginary friend from Radioland, who turns out not to be quite so imaginary after all. In the story, the Flash and Krakkl were chosen by a pair of cosmic-powered gamblers to race along a four-dimensional track twisting through the past, present and future of the whole universe. (Krypton’s explosion is one of the obstacles.) The loser’s homeworld would be destroyed, and the winner’s would be spared…long enough to begin the next race, against another world’s speedster champion. Wally managed to break the cycle with a new wager, and even though the world of Kwyzz was destroyed, its inhabitants were able to migrate to Earth, living alongside humans but outside our perception.

If you’re interested in reading more, I reviewed the collection as a guest writer at Collected Editions.

Anyway, near the end of Justice League of America’s Vibe #1, we see a collection of “dimensional anomalies,” including an energy being who looks a little less like Sonic the Hedgehog than he used to.

JLA: Vibe #1 - Krakkl and others

Let’s zoom in on that containment cell on the left, shall we?

Krakkl in JLA: Vibe #1

And speaking of a Vibe relaunch with Geoff Johns’ involvement, who here remembers when that was an April Fool’s joke just a few years ago? Good times…


8 thoughts on “Odd Cameo in JLA: Vibe #1: Krakkl

  1. Kyer

    Only if Krakkl frees Wally from LImbo and they immediately hightail it to better realms than one that includes Vibe. Just not interested. However, it’s nice that someone remembered Krakkle. I wonder if it was the writer or the artist who put him and Gypsy in the scene?


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