This Week: Smallville Impulse + Demons, Mirrors & Inertia

Smallville Season 11 #10 Final

“Haunted,” guest-starring Impulse, continues in Smallville Season 11 #10, collecting January’s digital chapters in print. Superman and Impulse try to discover just what horror lurks at the edge of super-speed, Lex Luthor battles for control of his own mind, and Chloe explores the mystery of her Earth-2 counterpart. Superman Homepage has a preview available.

Written by Bryan Q. Miller. Art by Jorge Jimenez. Colored by Carrie Strachan. Cover by Scott Kolins

The next digital chapter appears on Friday.

Earth2 #9

Earth 2 #9: “DR. FATE makes his Earth 2 debut! Supernatural powers are emerging on Earth 2, and that means new heroes on the scene—not to mention new villains! Plus: The debut of the new Wotan!” Preview at IGN. Written by James Robinson. Art by Nicola Scott & Trevor Scott.

Jay Garrick doesn’t seem to be having a good day, does he?

As far as digital backissues go, we have two Flash and two Impulse issues:

Flash #104: Part 2 of 2, as Wally and Linda work through their relationship troubles to investigate a cult’s plan to raise a demon. Mark Waid & Michael Jan Friedman with Roger Robinson & Jason Rodriquez.

Flash #105: Wally West is trapped in the Mirror Master’s dimension, as the Rogue convinces him to help locate someone he lost touch with. (This cover references the Silver Age Flash #105, the first issue of the 1959 series.) Mark Waid & Michael Jan Friedman with Ron Lim & Mark Stegbauer.

Flash #105 Flash #105

Impulse #51: “Bart searches for a rare comic book for Preston’s birthday (AFTER-LIFE AVENGER #16) and stumbles across the son of the Silver Fog, who is a disgruntled action figure collector.” ( Todd Dezago & Ethan van Sciver.

Impulse #52: After studying Impulse, Inertia makes his move, arranging for Kalibak to keep Max Mercury distracted while he goes after Bart himself. Todd Dezago & Ethan van Sciver.

Impulse 51


2 thoughts on “This Week: Smallville Impulse + Demons, Mirrors & Inertia

  1. Kyer

    Smallville: darn you, Facebook accounts. Have to be a member to see the preview. Oh well, no biggie.
    Impulse: I want that issue! Even if the story is not as good as it sounds, I love that cover!
    Jay: after seeing the shown cover for Impulse…disturbing.
    Flash: speaking of disturbing. Um….Flashes hands in relationship to 2D depictions of Mirror Master bodys…. never going to be able to unsee…. I’m going now.

  2. Kyer

    Found a Smallville preview over at CBR. Don’t know if same one. Also, the preview for Animal Man features the Flash…kind of. Really don’t recommend viewing it though unless you don’t mind gore.

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