This Week’s Flashbacks: Teen Titans Omnibus, Race Against Time

The only new content this week is the next digital chapter of “Haunted” in Smallville Season 11, guest-starring Impulse and Jay Garrick, on Friday.

In reprints, however, it’s another story.

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns Omnibus

Teen Titans Omnibus by Geoff Johns featuring Johns’ entire run on the series that transformed Bart Allen from Impulse to Kid Flash.

Witness the formation of a new team of Teen Titans and their initial battle against an old, familiar foe, Deathstroke, in this hardcover collecting the first fifteen issues of the series from writer Geoff Johns! The reasons behind Deathstroke’s actions prove shocking to the team, and before the teen heroes can get their feet on the ground, they must battle the cult of Brother Blood.Then, Raven returns with a new body and a new master: the latest Brother Blood! Plus, Deathstroke’s daughter, Rose Wilson, assumes the identity of the Ravager and switches from Titans ally to Titans threat. Now Deathstroke and Rose hunt for the Titans. Could things get any more explosive? They do, when Kid Flash learns to drive! This mammoth collection also features TEEN TITANS #1/2, TITANS SECRET FILES #2, TEEN TITANS/OUTSIDERS SECRET FILES 2003, LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE 80-PAGE GIANT #2 and the four-issue BEAST BOY miniseries!

List price $150. Amazon has it for just under $100.

In digital flashbacks at ComiXology, we have…

Flash #112

Flash #112-113 The first two chapters of Race Against Time. Wally West has defeated Savitar, but has vanished into the speed force. A Flash from the future, John Fox, makes his appearance in the present to take up the slack until he returns. If he returns. Meanwhile, Wally finds himself bouncing around in time and has landed in a very different 64th Century than he remembers! Mark Waid with Anthony Castrillo & Anibal Rodriguez on the John Fox pages, Oscar Jimenez & Jose Marzan, Jr. on the Wally West pages.

Flash #113

Impulse #55: Impulse vs. the master of virtual reality, Sir Real. Shon C. Bury, Ethan Van Sciver.

Impulse #56: Bart brings the inert Craydl, Inertia’s AI sidekick, to Young Justice headquarters. It wakes up and becomes the threat of the Composite Superboy. Todd Dezago, Ethan Van Sciver, Prentis Rollins.

Impulse #56


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Flashbacks: Teen Titans Omnibus, Race Against Time

  1. Kyer

    Are the only omnibuses that feature a speedster those stories done by Geoff Johns? 🙁 I have all the Morrison’s JLA ones with Wally, [fair, but nothing great and I really wanted the stories featuring all the Kyle with Wally JL years] Heard nothing good about John’s. When did Bart start getting portrayed as dour? In this book or later?

    1. Kelson Post author

      That’s mainly in Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, but this series started the downward slide. He went from mostly zany to occasionally funny while trying to be serious most of the time, though he didn’t get to be downright depressing until he became the Flash.

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