Wally West in Morrison’s Multiversity

MTV Geek has an extensive write-up of a Grant Morrison talk in which he discussed (among other things) his long-in-the-works Multiversity. Each issue will focus on a different reality in DC’s multiverse, surrounded by a pair of bookends tying the story together.

One issue focuses on…

“The Just”, taking place on Earth-11, showcasing the return of the Super-Sons and the children of other superheroes. Surprisingly citing The Hills as an inspiration, the disaffected super-kids will be introduced in ways similar to that program, and the utopian world brought on by their parents will be echoed by their dull, meaningless, “shallow” conversational patterns. We’ll also see the remnants of a bored Justice League, filled with nearly-forgotten 90s characters with nothing to do but superhero/supervillain battle re-enactments. When asked who would be appearing, Kyle Rayner will be the Green Lantern featured in the book, but Guy Gardner will be present. Other 90s characters set to appear include Bloodpack, Bloodwynd, Anima, Walker Gabriel and, yes, Wally West, amidst a host of other legacy characters introduced in the era, hinting at appearances by Azrael and the “replacement” Supermen. Knowing that it would always come back to the most iconic versions of the characters, such as Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen and Hal Jordan, Morrison wanted to give these heroes “a world they did inherit, but they didn’t inherit anything” worthwhile.


13 thoughts on “Wally West in Morrison’s Multiversity

  1. Javi

    Of course Morrison is using Wally and Kyle! He did great with them on JLA and on Flash! Was already looking forward to this, but now more than ever!

  2. Steve

    Not really excited by the premise. Seems more like a roast of these characters than any kind of attempt to do them justice.

    1. Nick!

      Exactly. Even though his stories can get a little “out there”, Morrison has such a clear passion for the comic industry it seems very unlikely he’d do anything to intentionally dishonor any character. If anything, the premise surrounding that Earth is incredibly intriguing.

  3. Steve

    It’s a satire, though. He’s trashing all of the heroes on Earth-11 for comedic effect. It has nothing to do with passion or vendettas, it seems to be the entire point of the story. I’m not bothered by this story’s existence, nor do I think Morrison is revealing any particular hatred for Wally West, but I think people expecting this to be a return to greatness for Wally are going to be very disappointed.

  4. Steve

    I also think that if this was the kind of comeback DC wanted to hype, the title of the article would be Wally West Returns! and not about Morrison writing Wonder Woman. Wally’s involvement is buried in the interview and seems really underplayed.

  5. Justthatkid

    If there doing the supersons he should add A.J or Koryak I’d like to see some universe where they get attention.

  6. Penny Dreadful

    I will see what sort of reviews Multiversity gets. Either way, it’ll be the final Flash title I ever get, and most likely the last book I ever buy from DC Comics.


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