Flash Fan Film: Iris

A short Flash fan film called “Iris” has been making the rounds lately. It’s a deceptively simple concept: Barry Allen and Iris West have an important conversation, and works out as a great character piece.

A second film is in the works, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

My name is Ross Howard, together with my cousin Patrick and our friend Sam we wrote and made a fan film based on the fastest man alive called “Iris”

Growing up together Patrick and I made short films in his living room and back yard (Martial arts shorts, superheroes, ghostbusters etc) and through out both of our lives we’ve been reaching towards a dream of making and creating films that entertain and inspire like the films and comics that did for us growing up.

Patrick’s mom was an amazing woman who encouraged all of our crazy antics, a talented artist and actress she made a Flash costume that was truly spectacular.

This short is our first attempt at creating something together, after he’s been acting and I recently graduated from film school. Now, were both getting ready to move to LA.

This is our humble first film. We hope you enjoy it…

Ross Howard

Patrick Flanagan Kid FlashEver since I was a little kid I dreamed of being a superhero. Before I could even read my mother purchased me my first comic book. Her and my father always encouraged us to never give up and always go after our dreams. One of the last costumes she made for me was an awesome homemade Flash suit. I won a prize at school for it and definitely hammed it up.

I began acting at a theme park out of high school after a year of college and after many years moved here to New Orleans.

Recently, some friends from a film entitled “Jake’s Road” got together to help bring “Iris” to life. “Iris” was a short film concept by myself and Ross Howard who is a graduate of Jacksonville University film school and also my cousin. “Iris” was rewritten and directed by my very good friend, Sam Sullivan. Sam was instrumental in getting us all together and making this happen.

Everyone involved did this just for the sheer love of doing what we do.

We hope you will share it with fans and dreamers like us. I hope this encourages more people out there to keep going after their dreams. Find out what you’re passionate about and make your dream a reality!

Hope this email finds you all doing very well and keep up the good work!

God bless!

Patrick Dennis Flanagan


2 thoughts on “Flash Fan Film: Iris

  1. TheFlash1990

    Really liked this a lot. This is very similar to the tone I’d like for The Flash movie. The Flash is DC’s Spider-Man.

    – both are scientists
    – both got their powers in an accident
    - both are down to earth heroes
    – both have a colorful Rogues Gallery
    – both invented/designed their costume
    – both invented special devices (Spider-Man’s web shooters, Barry Allen’s costume ring and the police scanner in his earpiece)
    – both lost their love interest to a villain at one point
    – both read comic books

    The Flash needs a movie already.


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