Flash Film Date Announced at SDCC (or not)

The big news out of Comic-Con on Saturday is the announcement of a Flash film. As described by The Hollywood Reporter, a Flash movie is tentatively planned for 2016, with a Justice League film slated in 2017. There will also be a team-up film starring Superman and Batman, due out in 2015 and directed by Zack Snyder. Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman, but it’s not known who will play Batman. And there’s no word yet of actors or scriptwriters for the Flash film.

Finally a possible date for a Flash movie, and he’ll probably be in the Justice League film too! (Otherwise there would be no point to making the Flash film first.) Are you excited? What do you hope to see in both movies?

Edited to add: It seems I may have jumped the gun, as according to Bleeding Cool the film has not been officially announced. Only The Hollywood Reporter’s “sources” have said so at this point. That’s…kind of a kick in the pants, and mea culpa. That said, Bleeding Cool notes that just because it wasn’t announced today doesn’t mean the rumours are false, so fingers crossed.


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18 thoughts on “Flash Film Date Announced at SDCC (or not)

  1. Scott Timms

    FINALLY!!!!!!! Any DC movies for 2014? I hope they dont screw it up but I have faith. Casting casting casting casting!!! I wanna see awesomeness here…pure awesomeness!!! I think Grood would be an awesome villian for the first or maybe a few rogues. I would say reverse Flash for a Sequel, but see how the new version plays out. Any positions for consultant on the movie?!?! I will do it free…here that warner FREE (just saying) lol.

  2. Phantom Stranger

    That Batman / Superman movie is going to be huge. It is a pivotal moment for Warner and DC. A successful movie almost ensures a huge DC franchise that could spawn 5-7 movies.

    The world will go nuts if they somehow get Bale to play Batman in it.

  3. Nick!

    I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but you might want to recheck your source. No where in that article does it say a Flash or Justice League film was announced. Its just in the headline, and other sources (including Bleeding Cool) have reported the exact opposite that nothing of the sort was announced at SDCC other than the Superman/Batman movie. I’m sure once the dust settles, everything will be cleared up.

    1. Nick!

      I typed too fast. It does mention it in the article briefly while most of the focus was on the Supes/Bats movie. However, according to other sources, this hasn’t been officially announced yet.

    2. Lia Post author

      Hmmm. USA Today is reporting a Flash film was announced (they may have been going off the same source), but you’re right, nobody else seems to be. I saw the BC piece just now. Drat, I should post a clarification — I hope I didn’t jump the gun :\

      1. Nick!

        I wouldn’t be surprised if WB has a bunch of DC films (including Flash and Justice League) penciled in for release sometime for the next few years. My guess is that they don’t want to jump the gun and announce anything w/o a firm creative team (ie. writer/director) in place.

  4. Jason M.

    Hopefully we’ll get an official confirmation soon! A Flash movie would be a dream come true to me!

  5. Scott Timms

    I typed too fast as well (hear not here…wow). That typo is for sure gonna hinder my chances of a Flash consultant job lol. Yeah I have heard it wasnt offically announced but I hope its true. O well if the gun was jumped. The news was exciting. I’ll take false hope over no hope (cue living on a prayer music).

  6. Kyer

    I stopped paying much attention to film reports when Google Search kept insisting some months back (it had a 2012 date on the article) that The New York Times Entertainment was saying that a Flash film was being announced, but no director named.
    Oh yeah…and that the Flash was Wally West.

    Yeah, right.
    And Elvis is alive.
    I don’t trust the media.


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