Comic-Con 2013: Flash Photography

I’m back from Comic-Con! (Yeah, I know it’s still going on.) I’ve got about 80 photos up on Flickr covering everything from cosplay to protest signs to action figures and statues to booth displays to giant inflatable Teen Titans to — I kid you not — a blimp done up as a Despicable Me minion.

Here’s a selection of Flash-related photos to get you started.

Flash Trio on Casual Day

My wife spotted these three on Friday afternoon — three Flashes on casual Friday!

The Flash

This is the only Flash cosplayer I caught a photo of myself during the two days I was there. I did see one custom-made Kid Flash outfit while crowd-weaving, but it wasn’t a good time to ask for a photo.

Captain Boomerang

Here’s the new Captain Boomerang figure we reported on earlier.

Square Enix Flash

And Square Enix’s Flash.

Flash at the Grocery Store

And finally…a Flash display at the grocery store. Drink enough of that soda, and you’ll get super-speed too!

Check out the full photo set on Flickr (update) or read my writeup of the convention at K-Squared Ramblings.


2 thoughts on “Comic-Con 2013: Flash Photography

  1. Kyer

    Joan, Iris, and Linda would be appalled at seeing their menfolk going out and about dressed that way. 😀 (.*..Is it even possible to run fast in flip-flops?)

    What’s that Square Enix? Looks like Robo Flash. Weird. Yet strangely compelling.

    Store Flash Mannequin looks offended by that empty bottle. Seriously, looks like some litterbug is in BIG trouble.


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