Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg Talk CW’s Upcoming Flash Series (via Collider)

Following yesterday’s announcement that a new TV series starring The Flash will spin out of The CW’s popular (Green) Arrow‘s upcoming second season, producer/writers Geoff Johns (no intro necessary) and Andrew Kreisberg spoke to numerous media outlets via conference call to discuss some of the details.  While most of the major bits have appeared elsewhere, including Speed Force, Collider has a very detailed transcript of the call.


For more on why Flash was chosen, the timeline for his introduction and more, follow the jump!

On “Why Flash?”:

KREISBERG: I think there’s something relatable about Barry, of the big seven of The Justice League.  He got his powers by accident.  He isn’t a God.  He isn’t an alien.  He wasn’t seeking this out.  It came to him.  And his reactions to that feel very human and grounded.  I know that’s a word we use a lot on Arrow, but that’s how it really feels.  Oliver Queen is a very dark and tortured soul, and Barry is not.

On the introduction to Flash being grounded in the Arrow universe, his powers and how it will all be handled:

KREISBERG:  When we first meet Barry Allen, he’s just a forensic scientist working for the police department.  He’s just an ordinary man, when we meet him.  As we always do on Arrow, we try to keep things as grounded and realistic as possible.  That’s how the audience will be introduced to Barry and get to know him, before his life gets a little bit faster.

Q: Barry won’t be entering Arrow with powers, but will he be leaving with powers?

KREISBERG:  I think part of the fun for the audience is to see how we do our “Arrow” take on The Flash legacy.  I think some of it will feel very familiar to fans of the comics, and some of it will feel hopefully different, but fresh and exciting.  The same way we approached Arrow is the same way we’re approaching Barry. 

JOHNS:  We looked at it as Barry Allen.  When he first appeared back in the ‘50s, he ushered in the Silver Age of DC superheroes.  In the same way, he’s going to usher in some new and pretty insane concepts to the Arrow world, but in a very grounded way. 

On the Oliver/Barry dynamic:

JOHNS:  Barry is a cop.  He follows the law.  He follows the rules.  He’s the last thing in the world you would ever think about as being a vigilante.

KREISBERG:  What’s really nice is that they’re both going to learn from each other.  When Barry comes into Oliver’s life, he’s going to have a profound impact on it.  We always talk about the villains.  We don’t do these things as gimmicks.

On the portrayal of super-speed, the influence of the Manapul/Buccellato Flash series and, finally, the costume:

JOHNS:  It will be very different.  It will not be blurring around.  It will be very different…There’s also some wonderful visuals in The Flash comic book, currently, that we’re looking at because they’re really inspiring...Physically, it’s going to be different than Arrow.  Barry Allen isn’t typically a very physical guy.  That said, he’s got to be athletic.  He’s going to be running around buildings and through walls, but he won’t have to do those crazy pull-ups.

Q: And just to clarify, at the end of the day, this character will go by the name The Flash and he will wear a red costume?

JOHNS:  Yes, absolutely!  There will be no sweatsuits or strange code names.  He will be The Flash.

For more, including early answers on casting and production of the episodes that will feature Barry Allen, check out Collider!

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24 thoughts on “Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg Talk CW’s Upcoming Flash Series (via Collider)

  1. Kyer

    Honestly, I sure wish people would stop talking about the “Flash legacy”. As far as I can tell, the Flash legacy died August 31, 2011. Now it’s just The Flash story. When they say “Flash legacy” the more foolish part of my heart starts to dream ‘what if’s’ that Wally might appear if only as a teen and my old heart can’t take more hopes being dashed against it.

    Also, I need air dates when available. Have not been watching Arrow (I’d watch a pre-52 Green Arrow though) and have no plans to start other than these three specified episodes….maybe.

    1. Wally East

      Arrow’s season premiere is Oct 8. So, episodes 8 and 9 will probably be in late Nov or early December.

      1. Kelson

        I can’t speak for Mr. F., but I must admit that when I read the earliest story yesterday — when it was a rumored Flash series, not a confirmed three-episode stint on Arrow with an eye to a future series — that I started getting really excited until my eye fell on Geoff Johns’ name, and my enthusiasm dropped markedly. I tried to keep that out of my reporting, though.

        I’ve gotten very jaded about Johns’ work in general since Infinite Crisis, and I’ve been disappointed by many of the things he’s done with the Flash mythos. Before someone says it: no I’m not just talking about bringing Barry back. I’m talking about things like trying to force Wally into a more Barry-like mold during and after Ignition, making the speed force depend on Barry instead of the other way around in Rebirth (I’m glad the New 52 dispensed with that idea), introducing a tragic backstory for Barry that IMO is both unnecessary and *more* cliche than what existed before (I believe if you’re going to change something about a setup, you should take the opportunity to make it stand out *more* from the pack instead of less), all the missed opportunities for things we could have seen during the Brightest Day run…and of course launching DC’s first Flash-centered mega-event and virtually ignoring all the other Flashes.

        All that said, if Johns can reign in his “Tragedy! Tragedy! Heroes need tragedy!” tendencies and step back once the series is in motion, I do have hopes for it.

        1. Savitar

          I share your views over Johns’ Flash comic work. However, I have found his TV work to be rather good. His Arrow episodes were very entertaining and his previous work on Smallville was excellent (especially with the Legion)

          So if Barry is going to be in his hands on the small screen, I am looking forward to it. My bigger concern is how they plan to insert a super-powered hero amongst the ‘realistic’ setting of Starling City and Arrow. It’ll be interesting to see how they manage it.

          But I’m excited for the Flash to appear again on TV.

      1. Kyer

        I resemble that insinuation. 😉
        Maybe Mr. F means he fears that though Barry’s mom (could be) still alive in the Arrow universe….she soon won’t be?

  2. Phantom Stranger

    Johns’ work on Smallville was one of the few highlights on that television show in its last seasons. I’d rather have him handling the character on television than 99% of the hacks in Hollywood that have never read a comic book in their life.

  3. TheFlash1990

    Very excited and looking forward to this.

    ‘Bout time Barry Allen had some screen time. Really hope this is good.

  4. Kyer

    So was it Hollywood hacks or bona-fide comic book readers who brought us to the point of DC52 universe dwindling and stuff like the Green Lantern movie?

  5. Scott

    Anyone can point out flaws here and there. Sure Green Lantern wasn’t great, but it certainly wasn’t the worse. The new52 is here and its not going anywhere. Ok it might be a hard pill to swallow for some, but I think it has overall strengthened DCU. Arrow is a fun show and its intriguing to watch for new characters. Why dismiss it cause its not pre52? Geoff Johns is DC Chief Creative Officer and Flash is his favorite character (I have heard). Wouldn’t you rather have a ranking member of DC as a part of this project. Don’t you think atleast he will protect the character. Maybe you dont like all he has done. Ok I accept that, but hands down I’d rather have him than someone who isn’t personally and professionally invested in the character. I’m off the soap box now. Excited to see Barry Allen on TV!!

  6. TheFlash1990

    The first draft to Green Lantern was actually really good. Whoever came on after that screwed it up with the rewrites. I blame Martin Campbell, personally.

  7. Diego Calazans

    The plot:

    “I’ve got fresh intel on exactly what brings Central City PD CSI Barry Allen to Oliver’s orbit. The would-be speedster travels (not by foot, I assume) to Starling City while investigating a series of brutal slayings that he believes may have a connection to his mother’s years-ago murder — a crime for which his father has been unjustly imprisoned”.

  8. Kyer

    The reason I’m not an Arrow watcher is that the allotment of ‘realistic’ violence I’m willing to put up with for the sake of favorite characters is already taken up by Doctor Who and Sherlock. Even there, I fear the amount getting to my brain is twisting my otherwise sweet personality. 😉

  9. Ben

    I have mixed feeling about this. On the one hand, regular Flash every week, but was hoping for that multi-million dollar film, just to put the character alongside the Supes and Batmans. Still possible, I guess.

  10. Golddragon71

    While I agree with Mr. F on Johns Comic treatment of Flash, (We really didn’t need Barry’s origin to be Batman-ized) I will say that i have enjoyed his DCTV work (I just watched Absolute Justice last Night and really enjoyed the Hell out of it.)
    Also i really have enjoyed Arrow so far. In fact, I will go one step further and say that I’ll take that Arrow over the New52 GA any month of the year. (Although I did like the Shado origin issue that came out this week)
    Now about a Flash series, well, I’m still a huge fan of the 1990 series. I doubt we’ll get any cameos from our previous incarnations (John Wesley Shipp or Kyle Gallner) I mean, no-one’s seen Justin Hartley anywhere, still if I like the approach (and the premise already sounds good) and IF and at this point it’s really still an If more than a WHEN) the series gets a green-light then I’ll check it out. (although musically I don’t think anyone has come close to topping Elfman, Walker, or John Williams in the newer DCTV/Movi-verse)


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