First Look at Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion

MTV Geek has the cover and solicitation for the first issue of Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion, one of three tie-in miniseries to DC Comics’ first big New 52 event crossover. The book follows one month after the three Villains Month Flash one-shots. MTV also interviews Brian Buccellato about the book.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1

1:25 B&W Variant cover by DECLAN SHALVEY
On sale OCTOBER 16 • 32 pg, FC, 1 of 6 $2.99 US • RATED T

The Rogues call no man boss, but a new evil threat might not leave them much choice! Will they fall in line, or refuse and risk certain death? The answer will tear the Rogues apart!

A few key bits from MTV’s interview with Brian Buccellato:

“Rogues Rebellion” is a stand-alone story that takes place after Flash #24. It ties into Forever Evil, but the two miniseries can be read independently. “Poor Flash is sitting this one out — probably for his own good.”

It focuses on “Captain Cold, Mirror master, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, and the Trickster. Glider and Turbine will also play a major role, but those first five guys are front and center.”

As far as the future of Brian Buccellato’s take on the Rogues? “I have a bazillion plans for them. Heck, I wanna do my own Rogues ongoing series! But I’m not sure that anyone at DC is buying into (or even knows) about my evil plans!”

Head over to MTV Geek for the whole interview, plus interviews with Matt Kindt on Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. and Peter J. Tomasi on Forever Evil: Arkham War.


10 thoughts on “First Look at Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion

  1. Kyer

    Is that a gun in…Mirror Master’s(?) hand? I thought all the Rogues no longer needed guns, or was that just Cold? I also keep thinking someone is missing: not enough Roges. Probably The Top and Piper (my personal favorite, though Weather Wizard is looking right smart in the black & gold.

    1. Kyer

      Beginning to think that the most diabolical thing about The Rogues is that so many comic book fans (see above for the evidence) find typing the darn name so difficult. 😛

  2. Scott Timms

    Mirror Master tried to grab at the device right before it exploded and was stuck in Mirror World I think. Sidebar I get each character changes and has to evolve, and overall I like em. Maybe hard to swallow at first but given a chance it won we over (i.e. Jay and Captin Cold). Mirror Master I dont. Not sure what it is and the changes havent been major. He seems to be stuck in creative limbo, and hasnt really been featured. Dunno just a side thought.

    1. Kyer

      Could be it.
      Cold…I just never liked bared arms. Maybe half sleeves that fit like gloves, but muscle shirts and the like? Ugh. Like the rest of his outfit though and Weather Wizard’s minus the goatee.
      Wish I could see what the new Piper looks like. Forgotten if I ever saw his 52 garb in the first place.

  3. Penny Dreadful

    Oh please no. Please keep Piper out of this. Just keep him on the bench and send him to Wally’s Multiverse world.


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