This Week: Rogues round out Villains Month, Impulse hangs up his boots

The Flash #23.3 / The Rogues #1
Mirror Master behind glass, Glider in a coma and the Trickster behind bars in Iron Heights. Captain Cold tries to rally the team, but the Rogues haven’t forgiven him yet for the positions they’re in. And when the Crime Syndicate invites them to join their side and unite with the villains of the DC Universe, one of the team won’t be able to answer the call. Will the rest choose a criminal life or stick to the Rogues Code?

Brian Buccellato and Patrick Zircher. Preview available.

In digital back-issues, DC releases another issue at ComiXology:

Impulse #78
After “Our Worlds at War,” Impulse is ready to give up heroing for good. But can he stay out of the game when White Lightning returns?

Todd Dezago, Carlo Barberi, cover by Ethan van Sciver


5 thoughts on “This Week: Rogues round out Villains Month, Impulse hangs up his boots

  1. Kelson Post author

    My favorites were the Waid run and the first part of Dezago’s, up through Dark Tomorrow. Afer that, it felt to me like it was getting bogged down.

    1. Scarlet Speedster

      I agree, it was losing momentum by that time. Waid had a fantastic handle on everything Flash, so many things intrinsic to the Flash mythos came about because of him, & I’d love to see what he could do with Barry in the present. Back on the topic of Impulse, though, I miss the lil’ guy, even as pre-New 52 Kid Flash- Bart in the New 52 is just not the same at all. Same codename & real name, but to me that feels like all he has in common with Bart from Impulse, Young Justice & Teen Titans besides supposedly being from the future & super-speed. Same way with Superboy, whose book I picked up around the same time as Impulse(the Kesel/Grummet stuff is great). He’s a totally different Superboy from the one I knew then- and even from Geoff Johns’ TT reimagining of him.

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