This Week: Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion (Preview)

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3 arrives this week in stores and online. Still on the run from the Crime Syndicate, the Rogues find themselves in Gotham City, right in the middle of Arkham War. But first, Poison Ivy makes them an offer they don’t dare refuse.

Brian Buccellato, Scott Hepburn, Andre Coelho. Preview at CBR.

(Side question for those who have been reading the main Forever Evil series: Just how big of an area has the Crime Syndicate put into eclipse by moving the moon?)


4 thoughts on “This Week: Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion (Preview)

  1. Kyer

    Like that cover. Very dynamic.

    Not reading anything DC, but I’d imagine from the preview scans that SuperJackass moved the moon into an orbit that matches it with the viewing angle of the sun so that there is a constant solar eclipse whenever it is ‘day’.
    I’m wondering how the writer is dealing with the fact that quite a bit of plant life can only survive so long without full sunlight. Then there’s the fact that animal life also needs adequate sunlight in order to manufacture Vitamin D.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Well, the plant issue comes up here in this preview. I’m wondering more about scale. The moon isn’t big enough to eclipse the entire planet no matter where you put it. Imagine trying to put a basketball into the shadow of a tennis ball. Sure, you can put a shadow *on* the larger ball…which is what happens with the Earth and moon in a normal eclipse…but you’ll never cover the whole thing at once.

      1. Nick!

        I try not to worry about such things when reading book that also features a flying man who can move the moon in the first place. :-p

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