The Rogues in Gotham! Review of Rogues Rebellion #3

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3Captain Cold has been stripped of his meta powers thanks to Deathstorm of the Crime Syndicate, and the rest of the Rogues are on the run!  As they find themselves in Gotham City, what will happen when one iconic group of Rogues meets another?  That’s the premise for this third issue of Rogues Rebellion, scripted by Brian Buccellato!


Mirror Master’s powers haven’t been working exactly right lately, so at first our Rogues have no idea where they are.  But, Poison Ivy is more than willing to “welcome” them to Gotham in her own unique way.  There is a bounty on the Rogues’ heads, a fallout from their refusal to go along with the Crime Syndicate’s plans for Central City’s destruction.  But, Ivy has other plans for them involving the need for sunlight for her favorite green things…and a threat that one of the Rogues could die if they don’t help Ivy in her quest.  This is a great story that highlights Mirror Master and his attempt to step into a leadership role with both of the Snarts out of action.  So far in his career he has been content to “be the one reflecting” others…can he become the one who “lights the way” now?

This is more than a “Flash Rogues vs. Bat Rogues” story – it highlights the vast differences between Central City and Gotham, though from a Rogue’s point of view.  The Rogues may be crooks, but they aren’t up to the level of pathological thinking of the villains in Gotham.  And, there are some heartbreaking moments here, including when we realize what was happening just the day before the Rogues became meta.  Brian Buccellato has scripted another excellent story here.  The artwork does have some differences in the pencil styles of Scott Hepburn and Andre Coelho, but the differences seemed to work well with the scene changes and each did a good job with their pages.  Nick Filardi handled the colors well throughout.  I keep saying this…I wish that Rogues Rebellion was an ongoing series.  This is a great storyline, and the only real shame is that this is a mini-series that has to end all too soon.


6 thoughts on “The Rogues in Gotham! Review of Rogues Rebellion #3

    1. MisterNefarious

      Rogues is one of my favorite books out there. Hoping they get their powers back and reunite with cold soon!

  1. Kyer

    Oh good, someone *is* addressing the lack of sunlight effecting the Earth.
    If I was to read a Rogue-centric book, I think this one would be it if mainly because they are (weirdly) the ‘good guys’ here? Well, closer to good guys?

    1. MisterNefarious

      Yes Kyer, in this series they are definitely the good guys. Since there is no score to be had without breaking all their rogue rules, they took up pretty strict heroic roles.

      Heat wave seems to be the least interested in being flat out heroic, though. Cold and mirror master, as the leaders, are quite good heroic leads

  2. Hobo Jack

    “And, there are some heartbreaking moments here, including when we realize what was happening just the day before the Rogues became meta.”

    Could someone tell me which scene this was, because I must have completely missed it when I read the issue.

    1. Ed Garrett

      Without spoilering too much here, just check out what Mirror Master said he was doing the day before he got his meta powers.


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