Flash #29 preview is up – with new cover art!

Flash #29

Hero Complex has a preview of Flash #29 by Brian Buccellato, with Agustin Padilla taking over for Patrick Zircher, due in stores next week. In the conclusion of this three-part murder mystery, Flash and Deadman team up to find the supernatural Keystone Killer before he strikes again. It’s a mystery that may — or may not — answer the question of who really killed Barry Allen’s mother in the post-Flashpoint timeline.

This story and Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion (also finishing next week) have been kind of a bonus round for the Francis Manapul/Brian Buccellato run on the character, as Manapul left after #25 to gear up for the duo to take over Detective Comics

Oh yeah, and there’s that Robot Chicken variant cover. They went with the Flashdance reference.

Flash #29 - Robot Chicken Variant Cover


3 thoughts on “Flash #29 preview is up – with new cover art!

  1. Kyer

    A choice of gory or stupid in covers. *facepalm*
    If I ever do go for this it is definitely going to be a trade book.

    Although that main cover did put me in mind of a Flash Annual one where Wally was supposedly menaced by the spirit of Johnny Quick. I gotta dig that sucker out now. Been awhile since I read that one.

    So is this whole thing the Gem City detective/mystery story that was supposed to have come out earlier or another tale from that?

    1. Kelson Post author

      It’s a different story, but incorporates elements of the history that they’d planned to reveal in that one.

      The scrapped story was a 100% non-superhero cold case being worked by Barry Allen in his CSI job.

  2. veronicadiall

    I wonder who the woman is on the cover.

    “The scrapped story was a 100% non-superhero cold case being worked by Barry Allen in his CSI job.”

    –That’s a shame. But I guess that I can understand why it was scrapped, given that the book is about ‘the Flash’. Hopefully the next team will give us stories which show case Barry’s detectective and annalytical skills. Love the ‘Flash’ concept, but a SH should be much more about the hero running around in costume.


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