It’s WALLY WEST in Superhero March Madness! Vote Now!

Thanks in no small measure to the followers here at Speedforce, Barry Allen not only defeated Nightcrawler in SUPERHERO MARCH MADNESS, but did so with the largest vote total to date!  Now, another Flash steps into the spotlight as WALLY WEST faces-off with AQUAMAN today!

DC MARVEL SUPERHERO MARCH MADNESS is set up with four regions – in two of the regions there are direct DC vs Marvel matchups from Day 1.  The other two regions are “in-house” battles (DC vs DC, and Marvel vs Marvel), to assure that at least one representative of each publisher arrives safely in the final four.  That’s why we find Wally going against another DC hero here.  YOUR VOTES can help Wally over the top…and we may even see both Barry and Wally make it to the Final Four with your help!

While you are there, you may be interested in some of the other battles, including Hawkeye versus Green Arrow!  But for now, here’s the link directly to the face-off that includes Wally:

Thanks to all who dropped by to support Barry!  If we see that again from Flash fans, then Wally has a really good chance of finding his way into the second round.  Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell EVERYONE to drop by and VOTE!


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