Quicksilver Revealed – Avengers 2 Edition

Photos from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron have revealed that film’s version of the Marvel speedster, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Notable is that in the Disney/Marvel Studios version, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch aren’t wearing traditional superhero costumes so much as ordinary street clothes that call to mind their comic book looks.

Back in January, Fox released their version of the character from X-Men: Days of Future Past on the cover of Empire Magazine. They took a considerably different approach to the character design.

More photos at The Beat, including Scarlet Witch and others.

So, what do you think of this take on the character?

Update: Here’s a link to some concept art for the movie.


9 thoughts on “Quicksilver Revealed – Avengers 2 Edition

  1. Kyer

    I am pining for the day when I can finally say something (without any reservations whatsoever) good about modern comics. -_-;;

    Truly. He looks like someone accidentally wandered into the set and security has yet to get him out of there.

  2. Kyer

    It just occurred to me: does this mean that the budget is so blown that the rest of the Avengers costumes are also being downgraded to street clothes? Is Ultron now a recycled C3PO courtesy of the former Lucasfilm property?

  3. Luke

    I wish that they would at least collaborate with the X-man movies so
    they could agree on the same actor to play the same character.

    1. Kyer

      I wish they’d just ditch the whole thing and start fresh.
      (Then again I’m a Scott Summers fan. I’ve had issues with this series since the beginning of #3.)


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