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  1. Kyer

    Action Figures: What is with those yellow spurs on Injustice Flash’s feet? He looks like a rooster. 🙁

    It’s not just DC that’s gone barmy. 3.5″ (and 3.75″ for that matter) are usually imho horrible wastes of plastic. They are doing the same thing with Doctor Who toys and I really wish they’d stuck with 5″ there because the smaller ones are just dreadful. No detail and little articulation.

    Loose joints are another issue. I just now decided to open my The Daemons Set and The Master refuses to stand up! You can’t even take off the stupid robe in order to try to fix the problem because they made him trapped in the thing. So now I have my one DW villain whom I’m either going to have to display as dead or plastered.
    Is there no such thing as quality control these days?
    (Seriously. I still haven’t opened my Wally for fear of disappointment regarding the joints. Am living in denial.)

    When it comes to my favorite DC characters am sticking with the few Kotabuykia’s I have until further notice. Yeah, no articulation there either, but at least they look beautiful while STANDING UP! (grumbles at Character Options)


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