Sunday Speedster Cinema: Quicksilver

Two links related to that other super-speedster who recently made a live-action debut.

WIRED: Flash vs. Quicksilver. A physics professor looks at the feats we see performed in X-Men: Days of Future Past (and I’m sure we can all agree: that scene was awesome!) and the first trailer for the Flash TV show, and tries to calculate just how fast each of them is moving. In the comics, of course, the Flash is much faster, but in these particular adaptations…well, check it out.

The Quicksilver of Two Worlds: ComicsAlliance recounts the history of Pietro Maximoff and how “a D-list speedster” became the object of a Hollywood turf battle.

OK, make that three links: The webcomic Our Valued Customers on Quicksilver’s Carl’s Jr. commercial.


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