Captain Cold Cast and Other Flash TV News Round-Up

TV Line reports that Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) has been cast as Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, and will appear in Episode 4. Additionally, Ronnie Raymond (Firestorm) will be joined by Martin Stein at some point.

Barry’s suit was also a point of contention, as it’s not quite as vibrant as in the comics. Berlanti noted that designer Colleen Atwood went through a series of different looks and that the team will be “evolving the suit over time. … It will become more vibrant and red” as the series progresses.

Several episode titles have been revealed:
Episode 2: The Fastest Man Alive
Episode 3: Things You Can’t Outrun
Episode 4: Going Rogue (update)

William Sadler (Iron Man 3) will play Simon Stagg in Episode 2, suggesting a possible Metamorpho appearance down the line.

Update: TV Guide confirms an Arrow crossover, with Episode 8 of each show forming a two-parter, and THR reports Geoff Johns saying that Arrow/Flash and DC’s movies “are separate worlds.”

Update: Arrow’s Felicity Smoak will guest-star in “Going Rogue” Flash TV News has also rounded up the publicity stills released so far.


4 thoughts on “Captain Cold Cast and Other Flash TV News Round-Up

  1. CraigMD

    They also said that Arrow and The Flash will have a 2 hour crossover event in episode 8 of both shows.

  2. Kyer

    Every time I see your header for a split second I think The Flash has a new villain named Captain Cold Cast. Presumably with metal casting powers. 😀


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