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“The Flash Reborn” Teaser and Stills

The premiere of The Flash‘s fourth season airs on October 10th, and the date is coming up fast. And so the CW has released the first teaser and official still images for the debut episode, which is fittingly titled “The Flash Reborn”. You can watch the teaser below, and the rest of the stills are available at Flash TV News.


Are you looking forward to the upcoming season? What do you think of the teaser and the glimpse of the Samuroid? Share your thoughts here!

Flash Season 4 Teaser

The fourth season of The Flash TV series begins a month from now (October 10th), and the CW has just released a new thirty-second teaser for the first episode or two. The promo is titled “Hero Reborn”, and is about Barry’s return to reality after spending an unknown amount of time in the Speed Force.

What do you think of the clip? Are you looking forward to the upcoming season and a non-speedster Big Bad? Share your thoughts of what you’d like to see!

Hartley Sawyer Cast As Ralph Dibny

Today the CW announced the casting of Hartley Sawyer as the Elongated Man in The Flash TV series. As reported by Variety, Sawyer’s most recent work is also from the CW, as part of the web series Saving The Human Race. And on The Flash, Ralph the detective will apparently be joining forces with Team Flash to solve one of Central City’s greatest mysteries.

Looking forward to seeing Elongated Man this season? What do you hope to see done with him on the show? Share your thoughts!

Flash TV Panel At SDCC

The Flash panel just wrapped up at SDCC, and there were a few new juicy details. It’s been confirmed that the Thinker is the major villain of Season Four, and he’ll be played by The 100 actor Neil Sandilands. His sidekick/assistant, known as the Mechanic, will be played by Kim Engelbrecht. Probably the most surprising cast news, however, is that famed movie actor Danny Trejo will be playing Cynthia (Gypsy)’s dad Breacher. It’s not known how much of a role he’ll have, but he’s a pretty big name for the show.

A few details here and there about the coming season:

*There will be more crossovers.
*The show isn’t doing time travel in Season Four, partly because of how complicated Savitar was.
*There are so many different versions of Harrison Wells we could potentially see. Possibly even a version of Wells who is Johnny Quick.
*The tone of the show will be lighter this season (although I believe they said that last year).
*Grant Gustin does indeed appear this season.
*Iris is leading Team Flash during Barry’s absence.
*Joe and Cecile’s relationship will get more serious.
*There’ll be more of Cisco and Cynthia.
*There was seemingly no mention of Julian Albert nor actor Tom Felton.

And here’s the sizzle reel for the fourth season, which showcases Iris’ important role.

What do you think of the teaser and news? Are you looking forward to the new season? Share your thoughts!

Flash TV Tidbits

Season 4 of The Flash began filming recently, and bits of news are already beginning to trickle out. Here’s a brief roundup of some interesting new details.

The Thinker has apparently been confirmed as the main villain for the fourth season, and he’ll seemingly have a female sidekick called the Mechanic. And we’ll be seeing Ralph Dibny as a regular guest-star this season, with the potential to be a series regular later on. For those new to the Elongated Man (Ralph), he debuted in the Flash series during the Silver Age, and became a friend and colleague of Barry Allen and later Wally West. Ralph was briefly name-dropped during first season as somebody who’d died in the incident with the particle accelerator, but he or perhaps a counterpart from another Earth obviously survived.

Sterling Gates has joined the writing crew for the series. Among other comic book work (such as Supergirl), he wrote the Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost mini-series in 2011.

And, weirdly, we’ve seen a Samuroid on set during the filming of the first episode. Plus Keiynan Lonsdale (Kid Flash) in the Flash suit. An interesting choice for an antagonist, and an obvious choice for the speedster to step in while Barry’s in the Speed Force. It’s not yet clear how long Barry will be gone.

“Finish Line” Images

The season finale of The Flash airs this week, so the final fight with Savitar and Killer Frost is coming down to the wire. The CW has released a new poster for the episode “Finish Line” (which you can see at left), and some still images from the finale as well. The images are available at BeautifulBallad.org.

It was announced recently that the show will remain in its usual day and timeslot next season, while Arrow will be moved to Thursdays at 9 PM.

Looking forward to the finale? What do you hope to see happen in it, and then beyond into Season Four?