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TV Line and ComicBookMovie.com have some news and goodies for fans interested in the Flash TV series. Firstly, there’s further confirmation that we will indeed see the Pied Piper, who’s described thusly by TV Line:

“In addition to the likes of Captains Cold and Boomerang, at midseason we will also meet Hartley, a onetime mentee of Dr. Wells’ who lost his hearing in an accident and now is out to wreak havoc with an invention of his own. (Of course, you may know Hartley — who happens to be gay — as the Pied Piper.)”

Apparently there’s been no actor cast yet, and the episode he’ll debut in is still unknown. But it should be interesting to see him on television, particularly because he’s scarcely appeared in any media adaptations until now (just cameos in Justice League Unlimited and The Flashpoint Paradox). Tying him to Harrison Wells is a good way to introduce him to the series and its cast.

As a bonus, here are a few set photos of Barry and Oliver Queen from the crossover FlashArrow episode.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see the first adaptation of Piper as a major character?


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5 thoughts on “Flash TV News

  1. veronicadiall

    It seems as if he is starting out as a villain, which I like far more than the pc version in the current book. I am not surprised that he was never used before given his wonky power set .That being said I really hope that they keep his powers as being able to manipulate rodents en masse. While technically it seems lame. It can also be very scary if done right.

  2. veronica

    What can of worms are being opened? I just find the Nu52 version of Piper to be boring and written like plastic action figure– and hence boring. Whereas the previous one (as portrayed by G. Johns) came across like a multi-faceted person and a flesh and blood human being.

    1. Kelson

      Fair enough. I asked because in my experience, when someone objects to a character being “PC,” the objection typically has more to do with the demographic that the character represents. And once that comes into play, discussions tend to get heated.

      I will agree that New 52 Piper hasn’t made much of an impression — but I think that’s largely due to underuse. He was introduced, then dropped, then brought back just long enough to remind us that he exists, and then dropped again. Even one issue focusing on him as guest star would have gone a long way to help with that.


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