The Top 100 Comics Blogs

Speed Force has been listed at #45 in this giant infographic of the top 100 comics blogs, as ranked by Alexa. Posted behind the jump so that it won’t take over the entire view.

Top 100 Comic Blogs

I’ve got to wonder about some that I’m sure have more traffic but aren’t listed, and I honestly can’t recall seeing The Nib before. They may be listed so high because Alexa only sees when figuring out the ranking.

On a related note, infographics aren’t exactly well suited for link lists, are they? Unless someone wants to bring back image maps…


6 thoughts on “The Top 100 Comics Blogs

    1. Kelson Post author

      Well, CBR itself isn’t really a blog (though I’m not sure I’d call Bleeding Cool a blog either), but Robot 6 and CSBG really ought to be on there somewhere. They did ask me a few weeks ago whether it was OK to include Speed Force on the list (and whether I’d be willing to post it), so maybe they only included sites that responded.

  1. Martin Gray

    Well, I’d put you much higher than #45, this is the one-stop shop for all things Flash, with thoughtful, well-written articles hosted by an attractive, user-friendly site. Keep it up!


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