Quick hits: Linda Park added to Flash TV cast

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Flash TV show is adding Linda Park as a recurring role, played by Malese Jow (The Vampire Diaries).

The character is described as a quick-witted reporter for the Central City Picture News. She befriends Iris (Candice Patton) while at work and helps her navigate the fast-paced world of journalism. When she meets Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) at a local bar, the two hit it off. The character will first appear in episode 112.

As others have noted, the character made a brief appearance in the pilot episode on news coverage of the STAR labs particle accelerator, played by a different actress. She would hardly be the first character to be recast or retooled after a show goes from pilot to series.


8 thoughts on “Quick hits: Linda Park added to Flash TV cast

  1. Mr. F

    Oh no no…it’s cool. Youve already taken everything from Wally amd given it to Barry, just go ahead and give him Wally’s wife as well.

  2. Mr. F

    I mean, don’t just have him develop a romantic relationship with the character who was romantically linked to him since since their first appearance over 50 years ago. That’s a ridiculous idea! Especially when you could create this weird, convoluted, foster-sibling sub-plot instead and just continue the mission of making Wally’s achievements Barry’s achievements.

  3. Javi Trujillo

    Yeah, even knowing that in the first Flash show they borrowed Tina from Wally as a love interest, establishing precedent, this is totally different. Wally and Linda are Lois and Clark as far as I’m concerned, or Barry and Iris. It kind of shoots them in the foot later if they do bring in Wally as Iris’ nephew. Now he’s gonna date his future uncle’s ex-girlfriend?

  4. Kyer

    I am most displeased with the Flash producers and cohorts.

    See? I waited several days before coming here and snarking off about this fiasco.

    (Actually, I went off like a super volcano elsewhere, spewing lava like no man’s business.)

  5. Kory

    Few days on and I’m still bemused by this.

    What’s next for an encore, Berlanti/Kreisberg/Johns/Guggenheim? Make Francis Kane/Magenta into Barry’s love interest cum Rogue? or Make Linda into Bart’s Grandma?

    The show and DC can go hang!


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