This Week: Plastique; Superman & Flash Race out of the 1970s

DC Comics Presents #2The Flash TV series returns tonight with “Plastique.” In comics, DC’s digital backlist has started on the classic DC Comics Presents series that began in 1978. Last week, they released issue #1, the first part of a two-part race across time and space between Superman and the Flash. Issue #2 will be out on Wednesday.

Superman and the Flash are forced to take sides in an alien war: Flash must protect a time traveller who plans to change the past, or one side will destroy the Earth. Superman must stop him, because the new timeline will erase Krypton from history. Professor Zoom, dimensional warps, and the Legion of Super-Heroes all get in the way. Written by Martin Pasko, with art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Dan Adkins.

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