Flash and Arrow TV Tidbits

We start off with an interview with Greg Finley, who plays Girder on The Flash. Girder’s first appearance was shown this week, in “The Flash Is Born”.

Recent and future episode spoilers behind the jump.

In case you don’t watch Arrow, here’s the clip of Captain Boomerang’s cameo in the most recent episode (titled “Draw Back Your Bow”). He’s played by Nick Tarabay, and his first full appearance will be in the FlashArrow crossover.



Speaking of the crossover, Flashfans.org has some stills from the upcoming episodes. They will air on December 2 (Flash), and December 3 (Arrow).

And finally, here’s a short promo for the crossover; apparently a longer one will be shown during next week’s Flash episode. If you missed the official episode synopses, they’re here.



Who’s looking forward to the crossover?


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  1. Scott Timms

    Something big is going to happen during the cross over. I think some one is going to be killed off…any guesses


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