Flash #39 Preview is Up!

The 13th Dimension has a preview of Flash #39, out in stores next week. We learn a little more about Overload, the top-hat-wearing buggy driver who’s been complaining about buzzing over the last few issues, and reporter Iris West meets with her source in the Central City Police Department to investigate just what’s changed about the Flash.

“Power Loss” written by Robert Venditti & Van Jensen, art & cover by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and by Andrew Dalhouse. Variant Harley Quinn cover by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts.

Flash 39 Cover


5 thoughts on “Flash #39 Preview is Up!

  1. Scott Timms

    I’m ready for the Future Barry/Lost Barry story line to come to a close (just a personal opinion). The future Barry does kind of add another dimension to a normally “boy scout” type character (which I am not knocking its one of the reasons I love Flash).

    P.S. OMG have yal seen the cover for Convergence: Speed Force #2… Pre 52 Wally vs Flashpoint Wonder Woman!!

    1. Kyer

      I was not enthused. It looked like Wally was experiencing extreme spinal/hip dislocation such as commonly only seen on artwork featuring women in the Butt&Boobs Impossibility Pose. (Nor am I a fan of Flashpoint Wonder Woman and her battle gear. So overall it’s a ‘thumbs down’ cover for me.)

        1. Kyer

          My opinions of covers matters naught a wit….well, a little bit. I’m much more concerned about what lies between the covers. Like material that leaves some hope that the real (sorry, but another of my personal opinions there) Wally continues to thrive *somewhere* with Linda (and, yes, the kids because I know some people do like Irey and Jai and they are part of The Flash’s history.)

          I did quite like the first issue’s cover.


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