New Spin-Off TV Series In The Works

It was just announced tonight that there’s a new CW spin-off television series in the works, one which apparently includes Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), Martin Stein (Victor Garber), Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), and Caity Loitz (who played Sara Lance/Black Canary). As reported by TV Line, it’s some kind of “superhero team-up” series. So maybe it’ll expand on the characters, with an episode here and there dedicated to Cold, and another to Martin Stein, and another to Ray Palmer, and so on. Or maybe they really will team up for other adventures. I’m really surprised and confused by this, but also pretty excited, because it’d be great to see the secondary characters in these shows fleshed out a bit more. Obviously the main series are dedicated to Barry Allen and Oliver Queen, but now we’ll see some new focus on the popular-but-side-characters the shows have introduced.

Spoilers for the next Flash episode behind the jump.

Also, the official synopsis has been released for the next episode of The Flash. It will air March 17th.

“Out Of Time” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, DV) (HDTV)

LIAM MCINTYRE GUEST STARS AS THE WEATHER WIZARD; CISCO REALIZES DR. WELLS IS HIDING SOMETHING — Mark Mardon aka The Weather Wizard (guest star Liam McIntyre) appears in Central City intent on avenging his brother Clyde’s death, and sets his sights on Joe (Jesse L. Martin), who shot Clyde. When Mardon attacks Joe and Barry (Grant Gustin), Barry is able to super-speed them to safety but Mardon gets away. Barry warns Joe not to go after a meta-human alone but Joe doesn’t listen and ends up in grave danger. Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) looks into the night the team captured the Reverse Flash and realizes something doesn’t add up and begins to wonder whether Joe was right about Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Barry and Linda (guest star Malese Jow) end up on an awkward double date with Eddie (Rick Cosnett) and Iris (Candice Patton). Thor Freudenthal directed the episode written by Todd Helbing & Aaron Helbing (#115). Original airdate 3/17/2015

Who’s excited about the next episode and this new series in development? What do you hope to see?


14 thoughts on “New Spin-Off TV Series In The Works

  1. Scott Timms

    If it was Suicide Squad wouldn’t it have mainly villains casted? I wonder if a JLA or sub-Main (sub-Main?) Justice League type of deal (i.e. International or United or JLA/JLC (Justice League Canada…I know that’s JLU)). What other team-ups could it be…Brave/Bold…World’s Finest…or a totally new yet comic sounding show title. I love Identity Crisis and if slapping a kid gets a pilot (The Slap) then I don’t see why Identity Crisis can’t be a series. It sounds fun and it sounds like different characters can be showcased…THAT’S IT SHOWCASE!!!!..or not I dunno

    1. Lia

      I’d imagine there will be more characters/actors added, and this is just the bait to get people excited. But I guess we won’t know until the project’s closer to fruition.

  2. Kelson

    I’m a little concerned that they might overextend the superhero genre on TV (though there’s something to be said for striking while the iron is hot). Maybe they could do this as a midseason show like Agent Carter: Flash & Arrow in fall and spring, Brave & the Bold in winter?

    1. Lia

      That’d be an idea, yeah. And I agree that people might get superhero fatigue, but can easily see why the CW would want to create more shows when Flash and Arrow have been so wildly popular for them. Let’s just hope they maintain this level of quality.

  3. veronicadiall

    I don’t know how it would fare as super-hero team up. But I really like Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer. He’s actually in many ways closer to Bruce Wayne (with some Tony Stark thrown in) than is Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen.

  4. SuperFlash

    I was thinking about the scene when Reverse Flash stood face to face with Eddie Thawne. Eddie could be a great great grand parent. Names change over time and Eddie could easily become Eobard in the 25th century (in the DC universe). It would explain why he did not hurt Eddie. Also, Eobard Thawne was not above comminting murder in the comics. Wells has killed how many now? Five characters?

    1. Lia Post author

      Yeah, I’m inclined to think Eddie’s an ancestor of Eobard.

      As for Wells’ death toll, it kind of depends on how you look at it. SPOILERS HERE! (both real and speculative)

      We don’t know if Eiling is dead (maybe he’ll get used as Grodd’s puppet), and do people-Wells-manipulated-into-getting-killed count? Plastique and Girder fall into that category. Nora Allen and Stagg are the only ones he killed himself. But I have a feeling that there used to be a real Harrison Wells, and that he and his wife Tess were murdered by Eobard. So he might end up with a pretty significant death toll when all’s said and done.

      1. SuperFlash

        HW not being the real HW is an interesting possibility because he would have to have assumed a different name than Eobard. I mean, what sort of fool would name their child Eobard in the 21st century? I think we will learn more about HW’s wife in time.


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