Flash 75th Anniversary Collection on Wednesday

Flash: A Celebration of 75 YearsFlash: A Celebration of 75 Years arrives in stores on Wednesday. The $40, 480-page hardcover* collection features stories of all the major Flashes, from Jay Garrick to Barry Allen to Wally West to Bart Allen and back to Barry again, from the Golden Age through the New 52.

We looked at the stories included a few weeks ago — feel free to check out the list, our commentary, and join in on the discussion.

Update: To clear up a little confusion that came up on the Facebook thread, the book ships to comic stores this Wednesday. Bookstores get new releases on Tuesdays, so Amazon and other stores that get it on the bookstore schedule will have it next Tuesday.

*DC’s website says softcover, but Previews World and Amazon both say hardcover, and given the page count, I’m inclined to believe the latter until I see a copy.


10 thoughts on “Flash 75th Anniversary Collection on Wednesday

  1. veronica

    I got my copy last week and it is indeed a hardcover. The stories are Barry heavy. But the ones featuring Jay are great.

      1. veronica

        I pre-ordered it from a book seller. And they just shipped it to me in ahead of the ‘official’ release date. I guess they had it on hand decided to send it to me instead of making me wait.

        1. Kelson Post author

          Makes sense. Now that you mention it, I think I’ve had that happen once or twice too, just not by a full week.

  2. Scott Timms

    $40 is a very reasonable price. My last hardcover I got was DC 75th anniversary and that was $75

  3. Wayne Lippa

    I picked mine up today. It looks great at a glance; I’m really looking forward to giving it a good read over the next several days. The cover underneath the dust jacket looks pretty good, too.

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