Flash TV Show Trailer and Q&A at WonderCon 2015

Flash Panel

This past Sunday, WonderCon hosted a Flash TV show panel in Anaheim, CA. The largest room at the convention center was packed, but not overflowing, as the lights dimmed and they showed a trailer for the upcoming episodes building to the season finale.

It was a different trailer than the one that ran after last week’s episode, and it looks awesome!. (YouTube link via The Beat.)

Cast members Carlos Valdez (Cisco Ramon), Candice Patton (Iris West), and Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow) came out on stage, along with producer Andrew Kreisberg. (Jesse L. Martin was scheduled to be there, but got sick and had to cancel.) Once they were all introduced, someone in the audience shouted out, “Where’s Barry?” “Oh, he’s running around…”

There was a lot of discussion about Barry Allen’s secret identity, and how everyone seems to know except for Iris. “Even the postman knows,” Candice Patton joked. She added, though, that she wanted Iris to figure it out for herself, and Andrew Kreisberg assured the audience that there will be consequences when the secrets Joe, Barry and Eddie are keeping finally come out. They all have their reasons for hiding things from Iris…and they’re all wrong.

Later in the panel, Candice Patton remarked that the way she looks at Iris not recognizing Barry in the mask is this: They’ve been so close for so long, telling each other their deepest secrets, that it never even occurs to her that he might be hiding something this big from her.

Confirmed: Canary gets Cisco to help out with an updated Canary Cry, which will work more like the comic book version. (IMO, great followup on the earlier stuff with Piper’s tech.)

Danielle Panabaker is really excited for Killer Frost, and hints that we may see her sooner than we expect.

Episode 20 will flash back to the time during Barry’s coma.

Who will give Vibe his name? Panabaker raised her hand. Valdez: “No. After Rainbow Raider?” “Hey, Rainbow Raider was awesome!”

Regarding a possible Caitlin/Barry relationship. Panabaker said, “I don’t know that she’s holding out for Barry; but I don’t know that she’d turn him away.” — at which point Candice Patton scoffed.

As for Caitlin and Ronnie, they filmed a wedding…on April Fool’s day…and of course weddings don’t always go as planned in super-hero stories…

They talked about hanging out on the set, teaching Grant Gustin to play Uno, and how he’s always tap-dancing during breaks. (Not sure whether they were being serious about that.)

Kresiberg said the Flash/Arrow spinoff series will be “gonzo” & “insane,” like doing one of their crossovers every week. Both shows will set up characters for the crossover, with the idea that they’ll be able to move back and forth between shows. When asked about upcoming villains for season two, he said that Mirror Master and Dr. Alchemy were both likely, plus someone who will make us lose our minds.

Some timelines we thought were erased will be revisited. Kreisberg said he’d hoped more people would notice the different symbol at the beginning of the last episode, indicating that the Flash we’re seeing there is from another timeline. We’ll see more of the original Wells, original Eobard, and Eobard-as-Wells. AND we’ll see what the original timeline held in store for each of the main characters, and what that means for them.

(I definitely got the impression that they’re setting up a multiverse-style time travel, where changing the past branches off a new timeline instead of actually erasing the old one.)

If you could crossover with any other CW show, which one would it be?
DP: iZombie.
CP: Supernatural.
CV: (had to think about it, said he didn’t want to repeat.) Vampire Diaries.
AK: I want to see them on Who’s Line is it Anyway?

A fan asked whether we’ll ever see Wally West. Kreisberg hemmed and hawed a bit, then said”I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Unrelated to Flash, a fan asked about varying pronunciations of Ra’s al Ghul on Arrow. Kreisberg had an answer: Apparently they wanted to use the pronunciation more people in the comics world use, but figured more of their audience would be familiar with the one used in Batman Begins, so they split the difference: If you’re in the League of Assassins, you call him Raish. If you’re not, it’s Ra’s.

A little girl asked if there will be a kid with powers, called Mini Flash. “Well, there is now!”

Finally, each of them was asked to provide a one-word tease for their character in the upcoming episodes.
Carlos Valdez: Dreams.
Candice Patton: Pissed.
Danielle Panabaker: Frosty.
Andrew Kreisberg: Tears.

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One thought on “Flash TV Show Trailer and Q&A at WonderCon 2015

  1. SuperFlash

    That is a great interview and even greater trailer. One of the things I love about The Flash is his stories involve more than just fighting criminals. It involves many possibilities for stories because of multiverses and time travel.

    The 1990 Flash series was good then and filled the void that Flash fans craved. But this series has gone beyond it thanks to the stories, actors, effects, and incorporating so much that is in the comics.


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