Flash: Divergence Sneak Peek

flash-divergence-preview-splashpageDC has an eight page preview of the post-Convergence direction of the Flash in which we see Barry Allen’s new costume, his new living situation (with a surprise roommate), plus a reminder of his family history…which looks like it may be important, now that Professor Zoom (the Reverse Flash) is back — and the Professor has brought his students along.

I’m not sure if this is part of the upcoming The Flash #41 or if it’s an independent preview.

According to Brett Booth on Twitter, this is a stand-alone preview that is not part of The Flash #41.


12 thoughts on “Flash: Divergence Sneak Peek

    1. Scott Timms

      There should be a minimum time a new character is allowed to develop before people jump ship. I hope they have two RF’s or what the hell was I so excited for during the RF reveal..no no I want both. Lia- same thing with the spinning guy..they replace Top with Turbine (who gets like one issue and is bailed on) and now who know who this guy it.

  1. Golddragon71

    Wait when did Captain Frye’s memory of Barry’s dual Identity get erased? He found out about Barry being the Flash in Gorilla Warfare. Now he doesn’t know?!?……..Or is this just him playing to the rest of the lab so they don’t catch on?

    1. Dallin

      Darryl doesn’t know Barry is the Flash. After Gorilla Warfare, Darryl knew Barry was lying about something, and he trusted he had a good reason for it, but he never explicitly stated that he knew Barry was the Flash. During the Keystone Killer arc, Darryl had several moments alone with the Flash, but he never addressed him as Barry.

  2. Kelson Post author

    I got the impression somewhere that it was Booth’s idea, inspired by the TV show but not dictated by it.

    I think it would be hilarious if season two features a redesign with a white circle.

    1. Scott Timms

      That would be funny…I mean that’s the direction its going (with the older Barry having the white circle). I realize it is a small thing and ultimately a non issue. I like Booth’s time so far so I will see if I like it (the guy responds to you on Twitter!!!). I will take a red symbol in the comics if we can get some yellow boots on Mr. Gustin.

  3. David Vickery

    I am very, very unenthusiastic about this creative team handling Thawne’s return considering how badly they’ve botched Wally. I just can’t wait for them to move on. Hopefully their run ends with this arc. I really dislike Booth’s over obsession with impossible musculature, off proportions and this weird chrome effect he puts on everything. Venditti, who I was excited for at first (I absolutely love his XO Manowar) has done nothing that I’ve even been mildly appreciative of with his Flash run thusfar.


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