This Week’s Digital Backissues: Flash Annual #10 & Flash #159-160

DC has added one more Wally West annual and two more Barry Allen issues to their digital backlist this week.

Flash Annual #10 (1997): Part of the “Pulp Heroes” theme, in this case focusing on romance. Wally West is consulting on a movie being made about the Flash, and the actress playing “Lindy” Park has a more than healthy interest in him. And then there’s Rainbow Raider… Plus a backup story, “Sound and Fury” starring Pied Piper.

Flash #159 (1966)- “The Flash’s Final Fling” – has the scarlet speedster hung up his boots for good?

Flash #160 (1966) 80-Page giant featuring reprints of classic Silver Age stories, plus the Golden-Age “Duet of Danger” featurng the first appearance of the Fiddler.