Green Lantern Variant Cover for Flash #44

Flash 44 Variant Cover by Wes Craig

September’s variant cover theme at DC Comics is Green Lantern’s 75th Anniversary. IGN has the full gallery, including this cover for The Flash #44 by Wes Craig.

Two things come to mind as I look through the gallery:

1. While Hal Jordan is the most frequently-appearing GL in this set, he’s not the only one. John Stewart appears on this cover, the Batman Beyond Green Lantern appears on that series’ cover, etc. There are even a few with Alan Scott, the Green Lantern who’s actually been around 75 years, including a great Detective Comics cover by Cliff Chiang featuring Golden-Age Green Lantern and Batman.

2. These appear to be normally-numbered issues of the various series. Apparently post-New 52 DC is done with their yearly September special events like the zero issues, villain’s month, and Future’s End tie-ins. Considering we just got through with a two-month hiatus for everything, that’s probably a good idea.


7 thoughts on “Green Lantern Variant Cover for Flash #44

  1. Lee H

    It’s refreshing that they didn’t go the obvious route of Barry and Hal.

    Has there ever been a Barry Allen and John Stewart team-up before? That could be fun.

  2. Kyer

    Other than the little (soon to be hidden away?) Marvel nod I really dislike this cover. Barry’s Jokerized grin just….*shudders*

    1. Lia

      I think Barry’s just really happy. Jokerized grins are usually a lot creepier and show more strain on the face…IMO, anyway.

      1. Kyer

        True, I can clearly see that the cover is meant to be fun; but together with the style of his eyes…it is creeping me out. More sinister than joyous.
        Fortunately I’m in the minority on that.


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