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TVLine has new information about some upcoming casting for The Flash show. Yesterday they reported about the casting call for ‘Wendy’, and today they announced a casting call for ‘John Clark’.

Arrow is seeking an Iris West type… No, just kidding. (Too soon?) The Flash, however – in addition to Wendy – is casting the season-long role of a classically handsome, square-jawed hero in his 30s to early 40s, a slightly cynical man “with an edge.” The casting call lists the character as “John Clark,” which is obviously fake/a nod to the DC Comics letterer. Though I must wonder if one of Clark’s works hints at the character being introduced…

Some people are already speculating that this may be Jay Garrick, and I think that’s distinctly possible. With the cameo of Jay’s helmet in the season finale, he’s an obvious inclusion for the series (he’s not a character I’d like to see appear “with an edge”, but there could be a good reason for it). Or maybe it’s someone else entirely, of course.

IGN spoke with Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) and Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave) about their roles in the upcoming show Legends of Tomorrow. The thirteen-episode series will feature them alongside heroes like White Canary (Caity Lotz), the Atom (Brandon Routh) and others, and they’re obviously different from the more more conventional heroes. In this interview, the duo speak about their characters and potential role in the series.

Which character would you like ‘John Clark’ to be?


6 thoughts on “TV News

  1. Craig MacD.

    I’ve seen some folks online mention this could actually be Carter Hall (Hawkman). It makes sense given that Hawkgirl will be on DC’s LOT.

    1. Kelson

      Carter Hall, huh? Too bad Ben Browder’s out of their target age range. Though the stunt casting might be a little too meta. (Running joke on Stargate about how Cameron Mitchell looks like Daniel Jackson.)

    2. Lia Post author

      Yeah, that’s a pretty good guess too. My preference is for Flashverse characters to take centre stage on this show, though. But the “edge” part would certainly suit Hawkman.

  2. Martin Gray

    Max Mercury would be great.

    I love that ‘obviously fake/a reference to the DC Comics lettered. Yep, obviously a nod to a letterer who’s apparently done nothing for DC since a few comics in the Eighties. I mean, I was reading All-Star Squadron back then and I don’t remember his name. I hope he’s out there, and happy, but ‘obviously’?

    1. Lia Post author

      Max would be great, although I’m kind of curious as to how many speedsters they’ll introduce into this show. I love the Flash Family, but can’t imagine they’d want *too* many speedsters this early in the series.

  3. veronica

    ‘his 30s to early 40s, a slightly cynical man “with an edge.”

    –If this is Jay Garrick and more than a cameo. I wonder if there is the potential of him overshadowing the current lead. He really sounds very much like a leading man.


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