This Week: Flash Season Zero, Digital Silver Age & Legends of the Dead Earth

Flash Annual 9The print edition of Flash Season Zero #9 is out today, featuring the conclusion of the King Shark/Suicide Squad story.

A new digital chapter of Flash Season Zero went up on Monday, featuring a one-shot in which Barry and Joe try to take a day off…but a superhero’s work is never done. (Ben Sokolowski/Marcus To/Nick Filardi)

DC continues to add more of the 1987-2009 Flash Annuals to the digital backlist:

Flash Annual 9 (1996), part of the Legends of the Dead Earth theme. In the distant future, humanity is spread throughout the universe and Earth is only a legend. On one world, inspired by the Book of Iris and the power of the speed force, two brothers fight to protect — or control — their people. (Peter J. Tomasi/J.H. Williams III/Mick Gray)

Flash #157And they’ve finally picked up the 1960s silver age Flash comics again, right where they left off:

Flash #157 (1965): “Who Stole the Flash’s Super Speed?” and the Top in “The Day the Flash Aged 100 Years!” (Fox/Infantino/Giella)

Flash #158 (1966): “Battle Against the Break-Away Bandit” and “The One-Man Justice League!” (Fox/Infantino/Giella)