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Flash 41 CoverSometimes Comic-Con is a time for major announcements about a comic, and sometimes it’s a time for the writers to remind us of what’s in the plug for the next issue and answer fan questions. That seems to be the case for the Flash comic book this year, as the Venditti/Jensen/Booth/Rapmund team is solidly in the middle of their run, having just started a new story featuring the Reverse Flash.

They did give us a few hints at the “Justice for All” panel, as reported by CBR, but it’s all stuff we already knew or could guess:

“The Flash” is returning to the mystery at the heart of Barry Allen — the death of his mother — with the incoming issue #42. “As Barry deals with the truth of what happened to his mother and tries to get his father out of prison…we’re also seeing Professor Zoom who really doesn’t like the Flash and has some awful, awful plans for him that will play out over the next several issues,” Jensen said. And as this battle rages, the Barry’s father escapes prison with a team of supervillains including Girder.

Incoming is “The Flash Annual” #4 which will tell the secret origin of Zoom and reveal something new about Barry’s powers which has never been seen before.


3 thoughts on “SDCC: Reverse Flash Comics

  1. Martin Gray

    Well, the good news is, they’re dealing with Henry and Norah. I hope it then all goes away, it’s been hanging over Barry since before Flashpoint. And I’d love a moratorium on Reverse Flash/Zoom/Evil Selves and Doomy Futures. A lowering of stakes and shorter stories, for awhile at least, would be great – as it is, I’m tiring of this book.

  2. Penny Dreadful

    I would love a new creative team to come in and revamp the book and the concepts. I would especially love it if Flash got the Hawkeye treatment, with Barry as Clint to Wally’s Kate. The Flash book desperately needs to be revamped.

    If the movies can have Clint and the comics can have Clint and Kate, there’s no reason Flash can’t follow the same formula.


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