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The Flash TV series is apparently filming episode four of the second season right now, and a few more details are beginning to trickle out. Possible spoilers behind the jump.

TVLine has a couple of details about the second season of The Flash series. Firstly, a female Doctor Light (presumably Kimiyo Hoshi, although it isn’t stated) will appear on the show at some point. There’s no actor mentioned for her yet. And I’ll fully quote the question and answer about Wally West:

Question: Any scoop on how The Flash‘s Wally will be related to the Wests? Brother? Cousin? And how he will appear on the show?

It sounds like the spinoff will be putting its own twist on Keiynan Lonsdale’s junior speedster when it returns on Oct. 6. “We are a doing our special Flash magic where we take a comic book character and give it just a little bit of a ‘Hmmm,’ so that you’re like, “Oh!” showrunner Gabrielle Stanton says. And while she’s mum on specifics, Stanton did tease that Wally will be incorporated “in a really, really cool way… that I don’t think the audience will see coming. He will definitely have a very interesting and close relationship with Team Flash.”

The Hollywood Reporter also has some hints and tidbits for the upcoming season of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow. Among the details: a flashback to the night of the particle accelerator explosion, character introductions and plot points to set up Legends of Tomorrow, and more character development for Heat Wave and the Snarts.

What do you think about these hints, and what are you hoping for Wally’s relationship with Joe and Iris?


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  1. Steve

    If we won’t see it coming, that’s good news, because he probably won’t be getting arrested or killed off as an introduction.


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