Prof. Zoom vs Central City in Flash #44 Preview

Newsarama has a preview of Flash #44, available next week.

Professor Zoom’s war against the Flash escalates as Zoom’s team launches an attack that Central City will never forget. With Wally West in the line of fire, The Flash is racing against the clock to save his city—and his friend.

Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
GREEN LANTERN 75 Variant cover by WES CRAIG

Flash 44 Flash 44 GL Variant


4 thoughts on “Prof. Zoom vs Central City in Flash #44 Preview

  1. David Vickery

    Soooo…They gave Eobard the powers of Hunter Zolomon.

    I really, really dislike that. One of the bigger barriers to entry into the Flash mythos for people is the differences between the Reverse Flashes and this just muddies the water, ESPECIALLY with Zoom coming to the TV show. Now whenever I explain them I’m going to have to jump through hoops defining which version I’m talking about. Blegh.

  2. scott timms

    I hate this story arc and the direction the book is going. I know I am being a negative Nacy about it, but Im close to being done with it. Naw Im not…ill keep buying it…sigh

    1. Kelson Post author

      It’s tough to quit a series that you used to like, or a series you don’t like about a character you do. But I think in the end it comes down to this: If you’re reading it for entertainment, and it’s not entertaining, you could probably find better things to do with your time (and money). If it gets better, you’ll probably hear about it and you can come back.

      If you’re reading it to keep informed, or do critical analysis, or something, that’s another story. There are several times I’ve considered dropping The Flash but didn’t because I was running a fan site and didn’t want to leave gaps. But I’ve dropped quite a few other series that just weren’t working for me anymore.


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