New FLASH Poster is a Scream

Flash Season 2 Poster - Scream

Things look rough for Barry Allen in this new poster for The Flash Season Two. Star Grant Gustin posted it to Instagram with this caption:

Tune into season two of @cwtheflash and see how Barry can get through this time of tribulation, caused by so many losses in the season one finale. A good scream always helps…

(Via The Flash Podcast and CBR.)


3 thoughts on “New FLASH Poster is a Scream

  1. ValorStorm

    This is the best show of any kind currently on TV. But PLEASE! WHY do they insist on accessorizing The Flash with that STUPID BELT??

  2. scott timms

    Not sure it would happen but it would be awesome if they changed one aspect of the costume every season. Season two- White Symbol, Season three- Normal Flashbelt, Season four- Yellow Boots…


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