Updated: Major Flash Character To Return

Entertainment Weekly is reporting on the return of a long-missing Flash character. Spoilers behind the jump!

As reported by EW, Matt Letscher will be back in the eleventh episode of the season as the Reverse Flash, in an episode laconically titled “The Reverse-Flash Returns”.

Here’s what executive producer Todd Helbing, who penned the episode featuring Letscher’s return with Aaron Helbing, would reveal: “His impossible return to Central City puts a member of the S.T.A.R. Labs team in unexpected danger, forcing Barry to make a life-changing decision.”

You’ve got to wonder what Barry’s decision will be, although hopefully for everyone’s sake it doesn’t involve necks. And it’ll be interesting to see how and why Eobard has returned, considering that he was supposedly erased from the timeline. Could it be another version of him who was bouncing around the timestream at the moment of Eddie Thawne’s death, and thus survived the erasure? Or, as Entertainment Weekly notes, perhaps it’s an Eobard from another Earth.

And then a trailer for the first few episodes in January was released a few minutes after I posted this.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the return of the Reverse-Flash?


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