Flash goes twice-monthly after DC Universe: Rebirth

DC Universe: Rebirth is revealed. After the New 52 line reaches issue #52 in May, an 80-page special “DC Universe: Rebirth” sets the stage for a rolling update of the new DC line:

  • 32 ongoing series total, 17 of them twice-monthly, ALL of them $2.99.
  • Not every series will start the same month. They’ll roll out a few at a time starting in June and running through fall.
  • Everything is renumbering at #1…except for Action Comics and Detective Comics, which will pick up their original numbering.
  • 23 books will kick off with a “Rebirth” special before the new ongoing begins.

Flash: Rebirth and Flash #1 both hit in June. Both? Yep, Flash is one of the 17 comics that will ship twice a month.

As for the shape of the DC Universe going forward, Dan Didio says it’s “designed to bring back the best of DC’s past, embrace the stories we currently love and move the entire epic universe into the future. We are returning to the essence of the DCU.”

CBR has an interview with Geoff Johns in which he says it’s less like “Crisis” or “Flashpoint,” and more like “Green Lantern: Rebirth” and “Flash: Rebirth.”

“DC Universe: Rebirth” is about bringing back what makes the DC Universe the DC Universe. There are certain things, like legacy, that are missing. There are other things that I don’t want to totally spoil. But there are a lot of things in there that I think are unique to the DC Universe, and really need to be pushed back to the forefront.

DC continues to insist that they’re not going for a total reboot. It sounds more like they’re re-incorporating parts of the DCU that the New 52 abandoned. A merging of the pre-Flashpoint and New 52 universes, perhaps? (The new line does include Gotham Academy and Red Hood & the Outlaws.)

CBR has the full list of titles in the new lineup.

I’m really not sure what to think at this point. Knowing the titles is one thing. What I really want to know is the tones they’re going for, what elements are staying, going, or returning, who’s working on these books, etc. Also the page count: If they’re cutting pages again, going twice-monthly isn’t quite as appealing.

I do think that launching with a one-shot instead of dragging out the transformation over six months to a year is a good move. I frankly don’t have the patience to drag myself through six issues of rearranging furniture again. Conversely, I also think it’s a good idea to stagger the roll-out so that people aren’t overwhelmed by 52 choices in one month.

What do you think, based on what we know so far? Good move? Bad? Reply hazy, try again?


14 thoughts on “Flash goes twice-monthly after DC Universe: Rebirth

  1. Steve

    There is a single bend in the Rebirth promo Flash. So…Optimistic. Wally can be brought back and totally suck, but as was the case with the new 52 version, so long as the character exists, he can be fixed, so it is a step in the right direction.

  2. Lee H

    It’s interesting that the silhouette teaser has what’s clearly a more classic styled Jay Garrick and an adult Wally West. Given the hairstyle, it doesn’t seem like this will necessarily be the Wally already introduced in New 52.

  3. Lia

    Can’t say I care unless DC brings back some things I actually loved before the reboot; I finally made my peace with the New 52 and am not going to get sucked in unless they do something which interests me. And wow am I ever tired of the constant renumbering going on at the Big Two.

    But eh, maybe they’ll surprise me. I’m more apathetic than anything else.

    1. Lee H

      They should start over fresh with Bart. It might be best to set him up in a Legion of Super-Heroes tale whilst they sort out whatever it is they’re doing with Wally and Jay.

  4. facebook_Victoria Cole.100000920536603

    “s it’s less like “Crisis” or “Flashpoint,” and more like “Green Lantern: Rebirth” and “Flash: Rebirth.”

    –If that’s the case then. Sounds as if someone will be re-surected. Maybe Wally West, Iris college age cousine (and name sake of the Kanye West) will be introduced, and the current Wally will be sent away. I’m not a big old Wally fan. But I just hope that they park or send away the current one, he’s patronizing and offensive.

    1. Steve

      Yes, when the editors have a big problem with the character being an adult, independent superhero, but no problem with him being a 12-year-old African American criminal who needs the help of a white cop to turn into a law-abiding citizen…you know somebody screwed up.

      It was an exciting thought that Wally could be the first black Flash, but the writers and editors totally blew it. If they were changing his race, they should have added agency, independence, and a dynamic personality instead of removing them entirely.

      People loved that Wally grew out of Barry’s shadow on his own. Attributing all of that character growth to Barry himself completely undermined 20 years of storytelling and looked extra sketchy when the character in question was the black stereotype of a “troubled youth.”

  5. Dallin Turner

    I’m mostly excited to see a new Flash team. The Vendetti/Jensen/Booth really disappointed me. So any change to that creative team is a welcome sight.

    Of course, I’m quit worried about everything else, though. The $2.99 price and twice-monthly schedule are intriguing, but I wonder what this will mean for page count and the art. In a worst-case scenario, we could be getting only 18-page comics with a shuffling team of three or four artists.

  6. Golddragon71

    I say lets have Flash both ways
    Flash starting at #1 is all about the New52 Versions of Barry Wally etc…
    All-Flash resumes the numbering (*allowing for the 2010-11 series) from Barry’s Classic run and acknowledges all of Barry and Wally’s run and starts with a storyline that sees the abolishing of the “tragic” origin and the restoration of The Life story of the Flash (1997)
    Finally lets have a return of quarterly anthologies with Speed Force Quarterly featuring tales of Speedsters from all eras team ups, whatever happened to…”, etc…

    1. Golddragon71

      That’s the funny thing about this…

      about three years ago I left this post on the Fastest forum alive, and a few other places besides….
      Apr 13, 2013 at 3:35pm
      Quote Edit like Post Options
      Post by golddragon71 on Apr 13, 2013 at 3:35pm
      Ok So let’s play this one by the New52’s rules
      Barry and Iris aren’t together, hence no Wally as Kid Flash.
      Wally needs a connection to Barry to be A Flash.

      ok first thing we do is take a page from JL JLU and make Wally a Lab-Rat or intern at the Central City Crime Lab Barry is Gil Grissom to Wally’s Greg Sanders (We could even throw in Wally’s exchange with the crew cut boss from Flash and Substance Barry gives Wally some evidence to check out on a recent case (give Wally a trace or chem analysis expertise) and as Barry goes out to catch Weather Wizard Wally works at the “rack of Chemicals!” WW whips up a storm and with Barry using some of his newer tricks charges the lightning in the storm with Speed Force Energy. Wally is hit by said lightning and is thrown by the explosion after Barry stops WW he visits Wally in the hospital when the doctors tell Barry that Wally’s healing faster than anyone ever should Barry goes to his young friend and realizing what has truly occurred and how he’s responsible for it he comes clean to Wally and suggests that Wally become his Partner in protecting the Twin City’s. Wally agrees and jumps the Bridge to join the Keystone PD on Barry’s recommendation as one of their CSI’s while Barry stays in Central. the two of them work their own cases and also team up when the rogues bounce back and forth between cities.
      To allow for the Five Year Crimp, Wally and Linda will still be together but not yet married and no kids as of yet (Sorry Jai and Irey fans!) Unlike Barry who kept it a secret from Iris/Patty for all those years, Wally tells Linda up-front about himself and but lwaits until Barry gives his go-ahead to fill her in on his Mentor’s identity.

      Edit: as I was driving to work it occurred to me to add another little twist Wally and Barry would wear identical uniforms so no one could tell that they’re two different Flashes. Most will assume Flash is so fast that he can actually be in two places at once. The Flashes use this as an advantage and don’t give any indication of the truth.

      Read more: http://thefastestforumalive.proboards.com/thread/134/52-ways-bring-wally-back#ixzz410BkD6y3

      ok not a gad idea, I’d still prefer a Pre-Flashpoint Earth altogether but I was willing to compromise for a chance to have TruWally back

      Flash forward to this past September and FLASH 44 has Flash in a battle with Reverse Flash and his acolytes…
      Wally is in the Central City PD garage learning about car engines

      Blok, a woman who can stop the movement of atoms and create impenetrable matter, sets up a Bubble that traps covers the CCPD building.

      Flash tries to vibrate his way through the barrier but his power activates a Bomb which sets off energy surges all over the place.
      One particular surge hits Wally square in the back (Like a lightning bolt) and while Wally isn’t seriously injured…..

      well, now his hand is vibrating at superspeed….(hmmmmm!)


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