“Versus Zoom” Promo

Here’s the extended trailer for the next episode of The Flash, which unfortunately won’t be airing until April 19th. It’s titled “Versus Zoom”, which gives a pretty good idea of what’s in the episode.

What do you think of Zoom’s identity? Looking forward to the episode? Kind of a bummer about yet another hiatus, though I’m sure the final six episodes will air without a break and be quite a ride.


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Lia is a Canadian fan of the Flashes and the Rogues. She's particularly interested in memorabilia of the Rogues and Reverse Flashes, collecting art, and memorizing a whole lot of pointless trivia. She may be the world's only diehard fan of the Top due to a love of hopeless causes, and she runs a fan blog on Tumblr, known as gorogues or The Rogues Kick Ass.

3 thoughts on ““Versus Zoom” Promo

  1. David

    I swear this show likes to make my head hurt, with trying to figure out what the heck is going on with Jay and Hunter, though last years season finale, trying to figure out how Barry was still the Flash, after Eddie Shot himself, erasing Eobard from existance. lol

    Come on, Hope for Jay.


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