Vote! Flashes in CSBG’s March Madness

CSBG’s annual March Madness DC/Marvel superhero tournament is on, and this year the focus is on TV adaptations. Voting is open for Round 1, including three speedsters:

Daily Planet Region:

  • Batgirl/Barbara Gordon (Yvonne Craig, Batman 1966) vs. Impulse/Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner, Smallville)
  • Flash/Barry Allen (Flash 2014) vs. Huntress/Helena Kyle (Ashley Scott, Birds of Prey)

Batcave Region:

  • Flash/Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp, Flash 1990) vs. Martian Manhunter/J’onn J’onnz/John Jones (Phil Morris, Smallville)

Here’s the full tournament bracket.


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