How NOT To Make Friends and Influence People – Review of TEEN TITANS REBIRTH #1

teen-titans-rebirth-1-coverThe Teen Titans have lost their leader (at least they think Tim Drake is dead), and each of them is trying to move on with their lives as best they can. But…someone seems to have other plans for them. Just who that is, and how this person goes about their task…well, you’ll just have to follow us after the jump to learn more, but it IS a good start to a new volume of the TEEN TITANS!


Each Titan is dealing with life in his or her own way…Gar wants to party so hard that he can forget for a moment just how bad he feels. Kory goes to the Caribbean to break up a human trafficking ring. Raven checks out a museum. Wally is newer to the game, but he’s enjoying using his new powers…until he, like all the rest, find themselves captured! Who could be behind this terrible deed? Who is smart enough, decisive enough, ruthless enough to be able to do this?










Okay, its…….









Damian Wayne, the latest Robin himself!


Okay, this actually makes some sense. Think about it – Bruce Wayne has kept files on every Justice League member, and has planned how to take down each one of them should they ever go rogue. Damian probably has had similar plans in place for the Titans for a long time (if he didn’t, Tim Drake would have)….only Damian is the kind of person who would actually go through with it! And why? To bring the team together, of course! This can’t end well, can it? Damian certainly has a lot more to learn about winning friends and influencing people, but we do have the start of a very interesting (if dysfunctional) Titans team up.

NOTES: This issue gives us Wally in his new uniform…glad to see it even though I was hoping to see him in the yellow suit over in THE FLASH first. This issue looks to be set sometime after the present arc of THE FLASH, so I’m sure we will catch up over there very soon.

SUMMARY: I can get into the idea that Damian would be a jerk in bringing the team together, and it is in character for him. I’m just disappointed that he was able to capture them all so easily…and that he would think it a good idea to keep them restrained as a means of “bringing them together”. That’s the one drawback here. I can accept a “do we really want Damian” storyline…I just wish it hadn’t been put together quire this way.

That being said, it’s still a solid start for this group of Titans, with story and art by Ben Percy and Jonboy Meyers (with colors by Jim Charalampidis). I’ll give this start an 8/10 – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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