“Borrowing Problems From The Future” Teaser

It won’t air until January 24th, but the CW has already released the trailer for the next episode of The Flash, titled “Borrowing Problems From The Future”. The episode will pick up where the midseason finale left off, dealing with what Barry saw Savitar do five months in the future (no spoilers here; check out the finale if you haven’t seen it yet!). Be sure to watch the finale before watching this teaser.

The episode’s still a long way away, but it’s something to look forward to in the new year! What did people think of the first half of the season?


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3 thoughts on ““Borrowing Problems From The Future” Teaser

  1. Golddragon71

    Is it me or does this feel Like Terminal velocity is being played out?
    In the TV storyline Wally is traveling through time and gets a sneak peek at the months ahead.
    Unfortunately that sneak peek includes witnessing Linda Park’s Murder at the Hands of Kobra.
    Wally realizes he has a chance to save Linda but it requires having everyone ready particularly Bart Allen aka Impulse. During the training Wally is short tempered and impatient towards Bart due to what he has seen (complicating the matter is the fact that Wally feels himself being pulled into the Speed Force and believing it to be a one way trip.
    So far, this is what we’re seeing in season three of flash. Barry has seen Iris getting killed by Savitar, he starts training with Wally but is short-tempered and critical. he knows time is running against him. The only thing different (at this point anyway) is that Barry doesn’t have to worry about being pulled into the Speed Force.

    1. Scarlet_Speedster

      Yes! I’ve been waiting for someone else to see it! Even the teaser of Barry blasting Wally is straight out of the story when Wally blasts Bart.

  2. Lia Post author

    I think you’re probably on to something there. At the very least, we know the showrunners are mining the Waid era for characters right now, and it’s not difficult to believe that they’re borrowing story elements from that run as well. Hopefully they don’t follow the stories too closely, but it’s kind of cool to see those stories brought to life to some extent.

    (As an aside, Waid’s an avid watcher of the show, so I wonder what he thinks of Savitar et al. I don’t follow his Twitter so I don’t know if he talks about it)


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