Gorilla City! Review of THE FLASH S3 Ep 13

Okay, Flash fans, we have an episode that gives you Grodd, Jesse Quick, Earth Two, and not one but TWO Harrison Wells! Is there anything more you want? How about a two part story featuring the amazing Gorilla City? You get all that and more in this episode of THE FLASH! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is being published prior to THE FLASH airing in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen the show yet, STOP and come back after you’ve seen the show!

We pick back up with Jesse’s call for help – her father (the Earth Two Harrison Wells) was lured to Gorilla City two weeks before. Everyone else in his part was killed, and Wells was taken prisoner. So, it’s time for a rescue party!

Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin are ready to go. Caitlin, because of her prior connection to Grodd. Cisco, because of his ability to breach the gap between Earths. And Barry, because…well who else can go up against Grodd? And…Indiana Jones? Nope, it’s Julian who “lives for danger”…at least that’s his claim for now.

Jesse reluctantly agrees to stay on Earth One to watch out for Central City with Wally, but there is a seriously awkward thing going on between Jesse and Wally for most of the show. There is a secondary storyline throughout this episode about their relationship, and we will get back to that soon.  But first…

The away team is captured by Grodd and taken to special cells that nullify Flash’s and Vibe’s powers.  Grodd tells them that Solivar rules Gorilla City and wants to invade Earth One. He uses Harry to tell them that if they defeat Solivar, he (Grodd) will take over and promises not to attack Central City. Of course, that’s a ruse.

Barry agrees to fight Solivar and is taken to a Gorilla City version of the Roman Colliseum. It’s an epic battle, one that Barry is truly fortunate to win. And, of course, Grodd has no intention of keeping his word. Grodd rules Gorilla City now, and wants nothing more than to make Central City burn.

The team debates how to escape…realizing something important. The cells nullify the powers Grodd knew about…but he didn’t know about Caitlin’s powers. They pull a ruse using her powers to make Barry appear dead, which gets Grodd to pull Barry out of his cell. This gives them the opportunity to get away before Grodd could use Cisco to get to Earth One.

The team manages to escape, and reunites on Earth One. Harry meets HR, realizing finally that HR is truly not what he seemed to be. Jesse decides to stay on Earth One with Wally (finally!). Julian and Caitlin agree to a dinner date, and Barry and Iris are thrilled because that headline from the future about the gorilla attack appears to be no longer real.

And that leads us to the…

EPILOGUE: Where Grodd has found another way. He has control of Gypsy, who in the DCTV universe can vibe Grodd’s troops straight over to Central City!

SUMMARY: This may have been the first part of a two-parter, but tonight’s episode stands quite well on its own. There was plenty of action, a great return for Harry and Jesse, a move forward for Wally and Jesse’s relationship, and the hilarious meeting of two versions of Harrison Wells…HOW does Tom Cavenagh do such a great job of playing so many versions of one character?

This was a amazing and close-to-perfect kind of episode – I’ll give it a 9/10. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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