Justice League Film Trailer

Warner Brothers has released the first full trailer for the Justice League film, and there’s a lot to see. Check it out here.

The Flash scene with the batarang has been shown previously, but we get a glimpse of Henry Allen and an obvious hint about Barry’s backstory (it’s probably going to be de rigueur in every portrayal of Barry from now on). Plus a bit of tension between the metahumans and the all-too-human Batman, which is always welcome. And Aquaman seems like he may be the breakout star of this film.

The movie will be released in November of this year.

What do you think of the trailer, and the scenes with Barry? Looking forward to the film? Share your thoughts here!


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Lia is a Canadian fan of the Flashes and the Rogues. She's particularly interested in memorabilia of the Rogues and Reverse Flashes, collecting art, and memorizing a whole lot of pointless trivia. She may be the world's only diehard fan of the Top due to a love of hopeless causes, and she runs a fan blog on Tumblr, known as gorogues or The Rogues Kick Ass.

7 thoughts on “Justice League Film Trailer

  1. The Flash

    Hyper excited! Good effects and shots of Barry and Henry too. I am still cool about them using blue lightning rather than yellow.

    Unfortunately, I can imagine how many DC “fans” must be prepping complaints in advance of the movie being released. Call me sarcastic, but MoS and BvS was great. Doomsday’s look was inaccurate, but it delivered what a true DC fan(i.e.me) has been wanting since Marvel has had so many hits in recent years.

    1. Kelson

      Please don’t start with the “fake fan” complaints. People like different aspects of the characters and the world, and just because someone doesn’t like the same interpretation you do doesn’t make them less of a fan.

      1. The Flash

        I have friends that love Supes, Flash, and Batman among others. Yet, they complain about MoS not being good because the story was weak or BvS was too dark and they hated LL. But they give mad praise to Marvel movies. What?!

        Anyways, whatever.

        1. Lia Post author

          If we’re talking comics and the original characters, I definitely prefer DC over Marvel. But when it comes to the movies I much prefer the Marvel output. I like the DC movies well enough, and really enjoyed Suicide Squad, but the current DC films generally aren’t my thing…their Superman is too dark for my liking, for instance. I prefer a kinder and more optimistic Superman. Your friends may feel the same.

          But I’m looking forward to the Wonder Woman film, and I hope Flash will be good in the DC movieverse. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. veronica

    I must be getting too old. But the dude-bro/Peter Parker version of Barry Allen isn’t working for me. Miller’s version of the Flash/Barry just comes across as obnoxious. Even setting aside that it’s not my preferred interpretation. I usually find that characters who try to be funny aren’t. It’s one of the reasons I couldn’t stand Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in the first Avengers film. He came across more like a parrot on steroids than an iconoclast.

    1. Flash

      It seems like WB should leave the characteristics of DC’s characters to DC experts. Barry was not awkward. Just late most of the time. Wally was more of the immature one, imo. Also, I refuse to believe there is not one blond guy capable of doing the role of Barry Allen.


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